Monday, January 25, 2010

Cleaning out the closet Tim's way

I will be the first to admit that I have lots of clothes.  Too many clothes.  However, whenever I've tried to pare down my collection to my "signature pieces" and "well made basics" I act like a hoarder on A&E (I"m referring to this show).  I convince myself that I will start wearing that 3 year old button down that looks faded, or that I may lose 10 lbs soon and those jeans that I accidentally shrunk in the dryer will look good again (they won't).  I end up getting rid of a few old t-shirts and about 3 things that are long out of style. 

A few weeks ago I read Tim Gunn's book and was re-inspired to try again.  His main point is that you should really like wearing everything you have.  It's a simple thought, but definitely not something that most of us abide by.  I have a whole collection of pieces that I only wear when the clothes I feel good wearing are dirty. 

I love you, Tim.  Buy the book, ladies.

So I tried again.  I made piles of clothes I love, clothes I like, and clothes I wear when the other two piles are not an option, and things unbecoming for a 26 year old professional.  (Think jeans w/ ripped up hems because I wore my "heels" jeans with flats)  I put the third and fourth piles into bags and left it all to sit for several days.  (I'm not brave enough to load everything in the car and drive off to the donation bin.  I wanted to see if I'd miss it)  Lo and behold, I got along just fine without the stuff in those bags.  I even got rid of two cardigans.

My closet is not going to be featured in any magazines (yet) and it could be a bit neater, but looking at it doesn't make me upset anymore.  I think most all of us can afford to get by with less. 


  1. I really need to heed your advise. I thought with moving after 31 years that I'd get rid of the items in that 90% that we wear only 10% of the time, but I was so rushed that I didn't do much of that. Thanks for the book idea. I'll "get it done"!



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