Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's done! Midcentury Marvel Nursery for Miles

I know I've been promising nursery photos for a while, but it turns out that photographing a room is a lot harder than it looks on everyone else's blog.  Especially when you don't have time to edit the images when you're done because a certain small person enjoys eating every three hours and you like snuggling with him the rest of the time.

However, Baby Miles is currently napping, so here are the best of the photos I have.  Please forgive the lack of artfully shot closeups of stacked books with an objet on top.

The room turned out pretty much exactly like I pictured it in my head, and I think it will grow with Miles as he goes from baby to toddler to little boy (I don't even want to think about that!) 

My idea for gold washi tape trim looked more like a brown stripe once it went up, so we ended up using cobalt blue tape instead.  The "theme" is really only represented by way of framed prints on the wall and shelves, so if later on he decides that he loves dinosaurs more than anything else, we can make some updates without scraping decals or investing in new pieces.  Plus, the room came together pretty cheaply - nothing is high end, or so precious that it can't withstand life with a little guy.

I hope Miles likes the room as much as I do - his dad and I worked really hard to finish it three days before he was born!

In case you're interested, here's a list of where most everything came from (starting with top photo):

Rugs USA Homespun Trellis Rug (wait for a sale!)
Argington Bam Crib (I bought mine used)
Marvel Art Prints (ours are 5"x7") 
Nate Berkus for Target Wall Studs
Nate Berkus for Target Lamp Base 
Hey Y'all! print by Stephanie Creekmur via Etsy
Threshold Grayson Grommet Window Panel (with blackout liner) 
Green/white quilt made for me by my great-grandma in 1983
Sunburst mirror frame (the mirror broke) via Global Views warehouse sale 
Ikea Stockholm Mirror
Changing Pad Cover by BLVD67 via Etsy
Vintage dresser via Craigslist, painted with Olympic Mermaid's Tail 
American Folklore map print by William Gropper, cut to fit collage frame from Target
Walnut toy chest made for me by my late Papa Lonnie
Elderly dachshund is vintage, find similar via All Texas Dachshund Rescue 
Awesome pit/pointer/lab/mystery mix via SPCA Dallas 
Studded initial via Hobby Lobby
Texas A&M bunny via Build a Bear

And just for fun, here are a couple of photos from this week.  I think my kid is pretty much the cutest ever!  ;-)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

He's here!

Hey internet, meet Baby Cardigan.  His family and friends call him Miles Evan and to say we are in love is an understatement!  He was born at 9:42pm on 3/18 and weighed 8 lbs 2 oz, and is 21 inches long.

He ended up being a c-section birth after 13 hours of labor that stopped progressing (we are both doing great - no worries!), and we got released from the hospital on Friday afternoon so I am doing a lot of resting, breastfeeding and cuddling the sweet little boy who is among the most alert and snuggly newborns I've ever seen.

I'll be back online soon-ish, and will share photos as I have them.  Thanks for all the support!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh baby! See you soon, internet...

Today I'm scheduled to be induced and hopefully meet Baby Cardigan sometime this afternoon.  Eek!

I'll share a photo and name as soon as I'm able, but wanted to drop in and say thanks for all the encouragement and kind words these past several months and ask for your prayers and good vibes today!  See y'all soon!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Still Wanting: Wedge Booties

Hello!  Sorry for the silence, but there's still no baby to write about and I am officially on maternity leave and nesting like crazy.  I hope Baby Cardigan makes his appearance soon, but I'd be lying if I said a couple of days to myself without anywhere to be doesn't sound great.  Today I got a pedicure and ran a couple of errands, and am about to spend an evening on the couch with N.  Poor me  :)

Another thing I've been doing lately is keeping tabs on a few things I have been wanting to buy, but only for a great price.  One of those items is a pair of wedge booties that are not too high, and of better quality than the ones I test drove from Target (they went back after an evening around the house).  I love the laid back look, and I think they're a perfect shoe to wear when it's still a bit too chilly for sandals, and you don't want to wear sneakers or ballet flats.

The weather in Dallas has been nuts lately, and we go from 40 to 80 degrees in a day.  Here's what I wish I were wearing instead of a crappy Liz Lange maternity tee (that has not held up well at all - no stars!) and leggings.

I am currently waiting on these Dr. Scholl's Bethany wedges to come down in price, at which point I will order them and be a cool mom on the go (as Stacey and Clinton would say).  They're cheaper on Amazon, but not available in as many sizes.

Does anyone else have recommendations for a similar shoe under $100?  I'm curious to try the TOMS Desert Bootie - especially with 785 good reviews on - but I think I want a little less suede.

 Ok, enough shopping... back to important housework like re-centering the photos in my guest room art wall.  #nesting

Friday, March 7, 2014

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!  Who's ready for the weekend?  I am wrapping up my last full week of work, and will be on maternity leave after Monday (unless I have a baby over the weekend - eek!) so I am pretty excited.  I hope to take some decent of photos of Baby Cardigan's room to share with y'all next week, and enjoy lots of restaurant meals and solo time before that becomes a rarity.

Until then, here are five things worth sharing on the internet:

1. Isn't this the kind of dress that is impossible to find when you want it?  If you find one that fits, buy it.  I still regret passing on an $89 option at Nordstrom Rack 18 months ago.

2. I am starting to put together a big playlist for the day that I'll likely spend in labor, hanging out with my epidural and waiting for the big moment (pray it is that uneventful!).  I realized that there are a few bands and albums that I will probably love until I am an old lady.  The top ones are Better Than Ezra, the Room for Squares album by John Mayer, Matt Nathanson, and bands fronted by Andrew McMahon.  What are yours?

 Remember when he was so cute and clean cut?

3. I'm hoping to make this peanut butter fudge rice krispie treat masterpiece for my coworkers on Monday - looks easy and delicious!

4. Need a reminder of the power of Google reverse image search?  This rug was for sale on a fancy site for kids room decor, and cost $600 for an 8x10.  In 30 seconds I saved the image and uploaded it to Google in order to find other retailers who might be offering the same item (since it was obviously imported and not manufactured by that company) - lo and behold, here it is on sale from Floors USA for $450 with free shipping, before any coupon code.  Do your research before you overpay!

5. I love this so much - now to find a brunette lady, man with glasses, little boy, black weiner dog, and brown white mutt from the Lego lineup!  I think it would be an adorable Christmas card.

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Check it out: Lou & Grey at LOFT

Today's post is a quick one because I am tired and a small person is pushing his feet up around my ribs.  It does not feel good.

However, I did want to put together a quick round-up of some of the super cute casual pieces that I saw at LOFT late last week.  (This isn't a sponsored post - I just got excited)  Their lounge collection has been re-branded as Lou & Grey, and I think it's the perfect mix of pieces for someone who perhaps doesn't have to get dressed up very often, but still wants to look trendy and be comfortable in in something cute instead of a fleece jacket and yoga pants.  Maybe me on maternity leave?

They do casual jackets and tunics very well, and I am watching these pieces and waiting for a great sale (some are already half off!):


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reader Request: Riding Boots at Work

Happy (Fat) Tuesday!  I hope y'all had a great weekend - I spent mine finishing up Baby Cardigan's room and running errands, which put naps on the agenda too.  However, I'm back, and today I'm excited to put together a post for Carrie.

She's a recent transplant to Seattle by way of Texas A&M (whoop!) and is looking for some ideas on how to wear her brown riding boots to work on days when it's rainy and she has to walk to work.  Obviously this won't work in a traditional business setting, but some boots can definitely go business casual with the right skirts and dresses to elevate them.

First of all, I must preface my advice with the callout that if nobody else in your office ever wears boots and you're unsure if you should, then don't.  However, for many of us, there's no question that it's acceptable and they can be practical alternative to skimpier shoes.  For a dressier look, choose boots with a rich even tone no distressed leather or chunky hardware.  A heel is great, but flat is fine too, just make sure they aren't so big in the shaft that it looks like you're standing in a bucket.

Obviously, I prefer pairing the boots with skirts and dresses as opposed to tucking pants into them - I'd save that look for Fridays.  A knee length pencil skirt or subtle a-line keeps you looking like an adult (flared, short skirts can quickly bring your outfit into sexy territory, which isn't what you want at the office) and a classic blouse or sweater balances the casual vibe of the footwear.

When it's chilly, you can add thick opaque tights in the same color family as the boot leather, or even a small weave pair of fishnet tights if you'd just rather not have bare knees. (This kind, NOT what you see at Victoria's Secret!)

Now that you're armed with some guidelines, are you brave enough to wear boots at the office?


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