Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog Swap: City Style with Tamra of Walks With Bella

Today I'm excited to be swapping blogs with Tamra of Walks With Bella.  She is a fellow/former Texan and newlywed living the urban life in NYC, and we thought it would be fun to do a city themed swap showcasing style from New York and Dallas.  She has amazing style, and I love following her blog for a glimpse of what life could be if I were to have followed my teenage dreams and moved to the city.  You can check me out over on her blog today, and we hope you enjoy our series!

Big D - Big Thank you to Haley for having me over!  I was born and raised in Texas, but Manhattan is now my home.  I actually used to live in Dallas prior to NYC, so Haley and I have a love for the south in common.   NYC and Dallas are far from alike, so we thought a city blog swap would be fitting.  I hope you enjoy my summer peak into Soho chic.  

1.  The Perfect Shade of Sunnies
Sunglasses are essential for protecting our eyes against harmful rays and delaying the onset of crows' feet.  In the city, sunglasses are our shield for privacy and style accessory necessity.  I'm loving the cat-eye and acetate trend and recently fell in love with Nicole Richie's House of Harlow sunglass collection.
2.  City Sandals 
In a city where walking is the primary source of transportation, it is absolutely imperative to have good shoes.  Yes, style is always #1, but if you can't walk at least 10 blocks in them, they probably aren't worth it.   Whether a fabulous flat, wicked wedge or a high-rise heel; make sure you can tip-toe on those cobblestones.

 3.  Weekend Escapes
On Friday afternoons, Manhattanites around the city escape to the beach for the weekend.  In New York, every bag, accessory is a style statement even your beach and weekenders.  Stay in trend on your travels with some beach bags and overnight carry-ons like these!

Hope you enjoyed my summer Soho picks.  These picks are all over the price map, but I like to use them as inspiration for shopping, so even if they are not affordable, I will find the equivalent!  Haley, thank you again for letting my stop by.  I look forward to you visiting New York in I hope the sometime near future.  Big Howdy to all my DFW besties' out there!  See you this summer.  In the meantime, visit me at walkswithBella.
xoxo- tamra

Monday, May 30, 2011

What to Wear: Memorial Day BBQ

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope all of you are enjoying a lazy day with the people you love.  I'm spending time with my husband and enjoying the (hot) weather.  I've already attended my BBQ, but in the event that you haven't, here's a little outfit inspiration:
Memorial Day BBQ 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dream Decorating: Eclectic Living Room

It's Friday, and I am beyond ready for a long weekend.  My parents and in-laws are coming to visit, so I've been frantically cleaning my own living room while thinking about this week's mood board for my friend Stacy, who wants some inspiration for her living room.  She likes modern style, but nothing too stark, and her taste skews a bit eclectic and isn't overly girly.

She has some couches and a coffee table that need to stay, and her walls are a pale gray. 

With those as my starting points, I put together this room for her:

And with that, I bid you all a good weekend!!  What are your plans?

P.S.  Want a mood board of your own?  It's free.  Send me an email and I'll give it a shot!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things Every Girl Needs: A Weekend Getaway with the Girlfriends!

Things Every Girl Needs is back!  Today's guest blogger is the fabulous Emily Kate, the Washington DC area stylist behind Capital Style.  Emily has a great blog, and great taste (as you'll see below), so I'm super excited that she's filling in for me today.  Check out her blog - you're going to like it as much as I do!
Hi Cardigan Junkie readers!  Emily Kate from “Capital Style” here and I’m thrilled that Haley is giving me the opportunity to share my cents on “Things Every Girl Needs” with you today.  Memorial Day weekend is here.  If you are anything like me, before you know it, it will be Labor Day and you’ll be looking back saying “where did the summer go?”  Sometimes we get so busy with work, significant others, kids, LIFE, we don’t stop to enjoy it.  So, whether it’s to the beach, a hotel pool and spa, or lounging by the pool in the back yard, I think every girl needs a summer weekend get-away with her girlfriends as well as a few ideas of what to take on said get away. 
The List:
No. 1: A great summer bag.  

No. 2: A dress you can wear day or night with a few modifications.  Here are some ideas:
A Maxi

A Mid-length

A Mini

No. 3: Shorts you can wear day or night

No. 4: A good book.  I loved “The Help.”  It was one of those books that I wished would go on and on.  You still have time to read it before the movie comes out in August.  If you’re looking for a laugh, “Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me” (or really any of the Chelsea Handler books) will oblige.  This one is authored by Chelsea’s friends and family - aka the “victims” of her tall tales.  So far it’s made me laugh out loud on the bus, in line at the post office, and waiting in the doctor’s office.  And, a classic.  I loved it when I had to read it in high school and just as much when I read it again years later.  Orphans, ghosts, a crazy lady, mysterious fires, love – “Jane Eyre” has it all.

No. 5: A Water Bobble – No, that’s not a typo.  It’s an incredibly handy eco-friendly bottle that gives you filtered water anywhere you can get tap.  Toss it in your bag and fill it up after you get through security at the airport so you don’t have to buy it.  No need to go to the vending machine or spend $5.00/bottle in the mini-bar at your hotel, office, wherever either.  Save money and do some good for the environment! 

No. 6: Recipes for Summer Libations

Skinny Margaritas
Packet of lemonade flavored Crystal light
8 c. water
Lime juice to taste
Tequila of your choice (you can decide how strong you want them)
Mix pour over ice or put it all in a blender for frozen ritas.

White Wine Sangria
2 cups fruit, chopped.
3 oz brandy*
1 bottle white wine (I use Chardonnay)
Half a liter of 7-Up/ Sprite (can always use Sprite Zero for fewer calories).
Cut up fruit and put in a pitcher with brandy and wine and refrigerate for at least an hour.  Add the soda stir and serve. 

You might notice that swimsuits are notably absent from this list.  That’s because I HATE swimsuit shopping!  Each year I look at the styles and trends for swim wear, try them on and then go into a weird state of self loathing when the “in” styles don’t work for me.  I believe clothes should make you feel good about yourself and should be fun!  Bathing suits are not fun for me.  Ultimately, only you can decide your style and what makes you happy.  That said, I give you…
No. 7: Links to bathing suit trends for Summer 2011 from some of my favorite websites/magazines. 
And don’t forget a camera to record some great memories; the common sense to know what should not be captured on film and the wherewithal to know the difference.
Have a great, safe Memorial Day weekend!
Thanks so muh for the amazing post, Emily!  I will be hanging with my parents and in-laws this weekend, but a girly weekend is definitely in the cards for this summer.  What are your plans?
P.S. If you want to participate in this series, shoot me an email and let me know!


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