Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things Every Girl Needs: The Funeral Dress

Today's guest blogger for Things Every Girl Needs is the lovely (and witty) Danielle from Elleinad Spir.  Her site is one of my daily reads since I believe we'd be IRL friends if we lived in the same state.

I'm doing a guest post on her site today - so please head over when you're done here and check out many (more) ways to style the J. Crew Jackie cardigan!

Thanks Haley for having me (hi, Danielle from Elleinad Spir) here to contribute to “Things Every Girl Needs”. While I am here, Haley is over at my site with a post. Please visit her there.

I think everyone over the age of about 21, maybe younger, needs one good black dress. I hate to say it like this, but what I am really saying here is that everyone needs a funeral dress. Now, it doesn’t exactly need to be a dress, it could be a suit. And it’s really more functional than just for funerals, it would be good to have in case of any interviews too. I say “funeral dress” because I think it is something good to have in your closet. Trust me, when you are grieving, the last thing you want to do is have to think about what to wear. And we all know that even when we are down, it helps to put on something that fits us well and looks nice.

I think everyone should find a simple and classic, black, navy or dark grey dress (or suit) and keep it handy. JCrew, Banana Republic and Boden all have great options for between $150-$250. No matter what time of year, they always will have one that fits the bill.

I happen to think this is one area it is worth spending some money. If you get something well made and classically styled, it will last you for years. However, if you prefer to switch it out often, change sizes frequently, or just want a more reasonable option, there are more than a few at Target that would be perfect.
Thanks for stopping by, Danielle!  This post made think of the Sex and the City episode where Miranda was crying in a dressing room because she had nothing to wear to her mother's memorial service.  Nobody wants that - heed her advice.

If you'd like to submit a post for this series, send me an email and we'll schedule a date!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My new bench, in need of Dwell Studio

As you all know, I live for a good sale.  I am not afraid of buying final sale or scratch and dent stuff, so it's no surprise that I drug my cousin with me to the Wisteria Outlet this weekend for the extra 40% off of red dot merchandise.  I usually skip over Wisteria because even their outlet items are expensive (to me) but we were in the area and I thought we might get lucky.  Thank goodness we got there when we did because I doubt this little bench would have been there much longer priced at $60! 

As you can see, it's upholstered in plain white cotton and just begging for a new fabric.  Since the piping and placement of the legs make it too difficult for me to take on, I'll be saving up to have the piece recovered by a (Craigslist) professional.  In the meantime, I will agonize over fabric choices.  The idea is that this little guy will be additional dining room seating when we have more than 4 people at the table, so I don't want anything too light colored and it needs to live harmoniously with this rug and this wall:

Since I am a Dwell Studio fanatic (just bought Christine's new book - can't wait for Amazon to ship it to me!), I first considered their line of fabrics produced with Robert Allen.  I'll have to check out the swatches at Calico Corners to make sure the scale is right, but here are my favorite candidates:

I can't even pick a favorite.  What do you think?

I forgot... Marimekko giveaway

Oops, you shouldn't say you'll be selecting a winner on Friday and then forget to do so.  I got a few comments when I offered up a yard of Marimekko fabric last week and honestly could not pick between them because everyone's idea will be a great use of the pattern.  After sitting here for 5 minutes trying to decide, I decided to be lame and assign the entrants a number and randomly pick a winner.

That winner is...
Kelly - send me an email this week if you see this and still want some fabric.  Otherwise, I'll pick again.  Thanks!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First jewelry, now shoes... this is bananas.

I will say once more that I want to meet the Banana Republic accessories buyer and buy her (assuming it's a woman) a drink.  These shoes are exactly what I want in my closet.  Bananas!

Since people keep asking... my cheap leopard flats

I will be the first to admit that I get a little jealous of all the fabulous ladies out there in blogland who can buy $150 flats and a pair of $98 pillow covers without saving for weeks.  However, instead of dwell on it and wish for more, I work with the budget I am still quite lucky to have and play copycat.  Sometimes it works out great.

While perusing Shopstyle for leopard print flats, I came across this pair on and liked the pattern and shape of the shoe - and that they are just $25. 

I'm very picky about the shape of my flats - they can't be too boxy or come up too high on the tops of my feet - and these met my criteria.  However, as you would expect from a store geared toward 15 year old girls, the quality is crap.  The soles of these shoes are so thin you may as well go barefoot.  Luckily, that was not a problem too big for Dr. Scholl's and an $8 pair of gel insoles.

Now I wear the flats all the time and can't go anywhere without someone stopping to ask where I bought them.  If you pick up my foot and look closely, you'll see they're cheap, but from a distance they look just fine and I can afford a spare pair if I need them.  So, if you're interested, check them out and think of me as you accept your compliments with a smile.  (Go up a half size, though.  They run small)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Giving old furniture new life: Modern Relics

This weekend I went to the quarterly Dallas Flea market with my cousin Jaclyn.  I will admit that I was pretty disappointed that it was more of a craft show than a real flea market with antiques and junk for sale.  However, I'm really glad to have met one of the vendors and chatted with her for a few minutes, because now I'm totally inspired by her work.

Modern Relics is based in Dallas and run by the uber talented Nicole Horn.  She scours estate sales and finds old furniture in need of some love, new fabric, and paint and turns it into a great modern piece.  Check out some of the items in her gallery:

As I have the "I could do that!" sickness, I've totally been scouring Craigslist for items that I can try to make over on the weekends, but I will probably turn to her in the future for some larger items that are beyond my capabilities.  She also does consultations if you aren't sure what to do with that console table you inherited that doesn't go with your house.

Please check out her site and share similar companies in your city in the comments so we can all learn where to go to support local designers!

*Note: I was not paid for this post.  I just really like the company.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Awesome swimsuit coverup - had to share!

I am currently laying on the couch and catching up on blogs, and just saw this awesome swim coverup on Blue Eyed Belle (via guest post from Simply Southern)

It's available at Roberta Roller Rabbit for $55, and I love that it actually covers you up instead of those sheer numbers that don't actually do anything.  Enjoy!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I think I figured it out: Eskayel Wallpaper Hangings

The thing I love most about blogging is that I get to be inspired by other bloggers and the things they choose to put in their homes.  One of my favorites blogs that I recently started following is written by the fabulous Chassity of Look Linger Love.  Her style is the perfect mix of funky glamour that doesn't look too formal and I wish I could replicate in my own house.  Just look at these rooms!

I was especially drawn to the wallpaper hanging on her kitchen, which she mentioned is made by Eskayel.  I'd never heard of the company before, and probably wouldn't have discovered them on my own, but I think that sort of abstract kaleidoscope print is exactly what I need in my living room!  

A roll of the wallpaper is in the $400 range, but they sell strike offs starting at 2 foot square for $80.  I'm still perusing patterns, and here are some of my favorites:

I am leaning towards the last one as I type this, but I change my mind every time I look at them.  Which one is your favorite? 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things Every Girl Needs: A Signature Scent

Today's guest blogger in the Things Every Girl Needs series is the lovely Emily from the blog Simply Southern.  She's here to post about another thing we all need: a signature scent.

Hi Y'all! I'm Emily from Simply Southern and I believe that there are many things every women should have, most importantly a signature scent! Unless you have a boyfriend, husband or close friend you share clothes with, you never really notice that a person's scent is very disctint and recognizable. For women, this scent usually comes from something besides our shampoo or laundry detergent (like men).

 It was not until high school that I decided that I wanted to pick a perfume to be my scent-- something that my friends would smell and say, "oh yes, there's Emily!" I decided on Lolita Lempicka. I was sold not only on the unique design of the apple-shaped bottle, but also the scent of ivy leaves with violet, ivory and a smooth hint of vanilla (help from I made it mine throughout high school, but it wasn't until college that I learned that my perfume was not the scent that reminded people of me. It was, in fact, my hair product, Rusk's leave in conditioner. I swear by it. It smells of passionflower and aloe, and is the most relaxing scent out there...some might even call it "heaven."

A signature scent it something most women have, but can't necessarily identify. That was the case for me, at least, considering I went many years not realizing how great my hair product smelled! So next time you take a shower, I present you with this challenge: look at how many products you use that have a scent and try to pick one that you can make your own. Ask around to see what people think is the one that is "so you!"

Thanks for stopping by, Emily!  I agree that we all have a signature scent whether we know it or not.  According to my husband, mine is Pantene shampoo and not the Burberry perfume I assumed it was!  
If you'd like to submit a post for this series, send me an email and we'll arrange a date! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Wearing: Marketing Career Advisor

Today I'm heading south to the Texas A&M University campus as part of a program where young-ish alumni return and speak to students about jobs in the Advertising/Marketing field and how to get them.  Needless to say, I feel super old since the graduating seniors are the same age as the 5th graders I babysat in high school.

As usual, I'm probably over thinking my outfit but I wanted to look professional yet approachable and not overdressed.  And since that criteria applies for a lot of situations, I decided to play around on Polyvore and fantasy shop to assemble some outfits for this occasion.  My outfit ended up being most like option 1 and will work well in a room full of students wearing workout clothes and flip flops.

You can talk to me, I'm casual and approachable.

Yes, you need an internship but you don't have to wear a suit.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


2011 has started off to be a pretty lucky year for me.  I won an iPad at work, and was lucky enough to be selected to win one of the High Gloss Magazine giveaways in hone or of their launch in February.  My prize was a set of personalized stationary from a wonderful line called GADABOUT, owned and designed by the fabulous Hanna Nation.

I could not have picked a better prize, and I had the hardest time picking a design!  Hanna's illustrations are super fashionable, and can be customized with your name or monogram.  I ended up selecting the Out and About design since the outfit looked the most like something I'd wear.

And here are some of my other favorites:

Hanna also does custom designs and logos (you can see them on La Dolce Vita and The Pursuit of Style) so check out her line if you're in the market for stationary or a custom blog header.  Don't be surprised if you see one of her designs here when I do my next blog refresh  ;-)

P.S. I just discovered the iPad app too.  In love.


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