Monday, March 21, 2011

More DIY Fabric Art... and a tiny Marimekko Giveaway!

I consider myself to be quite spoiled in terms of geography.  Not just because Texas is awesome (why hello, 84 degree afternoons!), but because Dallas has so many fantastic stores and a huge array of outlets with 20 miles of my home.  This weekend I made a quick run to the Crate + Barrel outlet store and made out like a bandit.  I got a stainless spoon rest, 2 Christmas stockings, a 5x7 rug pad, and 2 yards of gorgeous Marimekko fabric all for $30!

The fabric was only $3.95 per yard(!!!) so I got a couple of designs featuring colors already in my house, and intended to make some throw pillows once I get around to learning to use my sewing machine.  However, when I got home I realized that one of the fabric pieces would look great in the empty space over my console table until I find the right piece of art to hang there for good.

I didn't want to pay $19 for a canvas to attach the fabric to because I am cheap, so I decided to use a piece of metal wall art I already had and don't like anymore and just duct tape the fabric to the metal without cutting it:

Yeah, I could have been a bit neater... 

I'm pretty happy with the end result for having spent $4 and 10 minutes.  It will work nicely until I make up my mind about art.

And now for a giveaway of sorts.  I have an extra yard of Marimekko fabric in a similar print, and I'd love to see it be put to good use.  The photo doesn't do it justice - the colors are vivid teals and greens and browns and it looks like someone painted it.  I was going to cut the squares apart and make some sort of YHL-esque frame arrangement.  However, I'm offering it up to one of you crafty ladies (or gentlemen) out there.  If you would use this fabric for something, leave a comment here and tell me your plans for it and I'll pick a winner on Friday.    

American readers only, please, since I don't want to pay more for shipping than the fabric itself.

What do you think about my temporary "art"?  Can you think of anything else that would look good over my table for around $150 or less?  Having good taste can be very expensive...


  1. I actually JUST bought a couple of canvases at Hobby Lobby over the weekend and plan to cover them with fabric for my office. This would be perfect! :)

  2. I LOVE it! I've been meaning to head over to the fabric store FOREVER now but it's so super far away! boo on living in the middle of nowhere!

    I have a set of storage containers and bins that I've wanted to line with fabric to hold accessories and such in -- I would use the fabric for that craft! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. so i am not crafty at all, and would probably not be able to do anything fun or pretty with this gorgeous fabric, but i wanted to say i love the art you revamped!! great job, girl :)

    as always, great ideas and inspiration from your blog! perhaps i'll be a crafty girl one day!

  4. smart idea for decor - fabric is always nice to look at! i'm thinking a garden tote for the giveaway fabric...

  5. My bedroom is teal blue, green and brown and that fabric would nicely cover my yucky white lampshade. I've been meaning to replace it but recovering it would work even better!

    shel704 at aol dot com

  6. Amazing! I would actually frame it just like you did - repurpose an old metal frame and lean it against the wall on a console. Fantastic $-saving idea!



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