Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To be fair... Modern Baby Girl Nursery

In looking at the stats for this blog, it's very clear that hundreds of people land here searching for baby boy nursery ideas, thanks to this post I wrote for the lovely Kate.  So, to be fair and satisfy my baby girl-having friends, I've assembled a baby girl nursery based on the same criteria:
  • No overall theme, just cool modern things with a childish feel
  • No crazy paint scheme that will be inappropriate once Junior reaches preschool
  • No wallpaper borders!! 
  • Practical fabrics that can withstand vomit
  • Affordable furniture that can be used later on
Here are my inspiration rooms:

Sorry, can't remember where these came from.  If they're yours, let me know.

And if I were assembling a room of my own (which I am not, don't get excited Mom) here's what I think I would pick:

Home Decorators Corolla Rug: I didn't want to pick anything overly juvenile when it costs $499, and I think this adds a dose of feminine to the room but could be used elsewhere in the house later on
CB2 Matchbox Low Dresser : This can be used as a changing table during baby years (just add a pad) and then remain in the room as it evolves
Pom Pom Mobile (you need one that will actually look nice when viewed from underneath by the baby... now you'll think of that every time you see a mobile)

What's your favorite item?  I almost bought my future child a bag of dachshunds because I'm a crazy dog lady.


  1. i'm all about a nice soft glow in the nursery, so i love the lamp. we don't want to have babies for at least 4 more years, but i constantly think about decorating a nursery. not good for the baby fever :)

  2. soooo cute! this makes me excited for teh future and starting a family. i love when babies rooms are decorated with unique pieces and don't have a "theme" xoxo jcd

  3. I agree with jillian, I love rooms without a theme but everything just looks perfect together! I also liked how you picked blue paint for the walls!

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head with all of the elements you pulled together for your storyboard! For me, my big "must" for my future nursery is the Eames rocker that's in your 3rd inspiration photo. While I'm not sure how practical it is, I think it LOOKS stunning!

  5. Elephant Hamper all the way!!! (And BTW, thanks for letting us know it is available again.)

    And AMEN on the "no overall theme" guideline. Some people get so caught up in the need to order everything from the same place - I want to say, stop and take your time. Let the room evolve with the kid!

  6. @The Now - There is a very similar rocker for sale at Kmart of all places:

  7. I like the fabrics. And I don't even have a kid.



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