Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What to read: Dabble Magazine

The ranks of online style and lifestyle magazines keep on growing, which is great for me since I'm cheap and like having new things to look at on the couch.  I was excited to see (via The Decorista) a new online glossy (odd term, that one...) launched this month, and it's based in Canada.  After 25 minutes of browsing, I can safely say that Dabble is in my top 3 favorites.

The contents cover a huge range of topics, and I like that the overall tone is more "here is how you can do this" instead of "look at what someone else did, isn't it pretty?"  Plus, the magazine is equally devoted to travel and food, so you learn things like where to eat in Prague and how to roll sushi at home.

I highly suggest you check it out, but in case you aren't convinced, here are some of my favorite spreads:


  1. Can't wait to check it out! Thanks for the insight!

  2. Wow nice pics and interesting story and fantastic your idea .thanks for nice posting

  3. excellent! will check it out. there are so many coming out these days, it's hard to keep up, thanks for a peek at what we'll find here. (and anything with anything prague has me sold :)

  4. I will have to check this out! The spreads you shared look great. I am a little bit excited about the fact that it's Canadian too, because that's where I live. :)



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