Sunday, March 20, 2011

The world's chicest line of bike helmets

As if we needed any more reasons why the french are known to be stylish.  Take a look at this hat bike helmet:

Is that not the cutest idea?  I haven't seen them for sale in the US, they're available via this site in the UK.  I will not be needing one since I haven't ridden a bike in 7 years, when I rode right into a parked car in Paris during a tour of the city.  However, I thought the rest of you may appreciate it.


  1. so cute!! what a great idea.

    i'm really happy you liked the tsunami sauce, it's a fave in our house :)

  2. Shut the front door. I was the 8th grade girl who went on a bike trip with friends & was forced to wear my helmet while the other 6 girls didn't. That was me. I wish I'd had this! (not to mention the confidence I have today!)
    <3 leigh



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