Monday, March 14, 2011

Dining area: Done

At long last, I finally made a decision and moved forward with plans for the divider wall in my dining area.  I kept having more ideas and doubting my plans, but on Saturday I began painting and never looked back.  Now I'm really happy with the end result:


"What you doing Mom?  Is it time for treats?"


A decorator's work it is not, but N and I really like the color and personality this collection of frames brings to our dining area.  The color on the wall is called Plumage by Martha Stewart Living (via Home Depot) and the pictures are a collection of travel photos and Etsy prints that represent places that N and I have been, plus a love note written in programming language (via The Wallarroo on Etsy) because we're nerds and that's how we roll.  That basket holds our mail and I left it in the photo because that's how the space works for us, and that vintage dresser is full of our fancy dishes and some serving pieces we rarely use.

I plan to keep adding to the collage as we travel more each year, which is why it's not symmetrical.  I got some inspiration from an old Young House Love post about frame arrangements and I like that's it's not too perfect and that the frames are similar but don't match.

So... how was your weekend?



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