Monday, April 30, 2012

Reader Request: Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

Good morning!  Hopefully everyone had a great weekend.  I was glad to spend time with my family, but am absolutely not ready for another week at work.  Maybe I can become independently wealthy and quit?

Anyway, this week I was excited to put together a reader request post for Olivia, who is getting married this October and looking for neutral bridesmaid dresses that don't match.  I love this look, since it isn't common but still elegant, and everyone ends up with a dress they actually like.

Olivia was inspired by Molly Sims' wedding, and I agree that her bridesmaids looked really chic:

Here are some long and short options for similar dresses under the $250 price point that Olivia has requested

neutral bridesmaid dresses 2

neutral bridesmaid dresses

I love how black, blush, grey and beige all complement each other so effortlessly and I think Olivia's friends will be excited to avoid a synthetic David's bridal creation.  I'm sure the wedding will be gorgeous!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Have a nice weekend!

Today N and I are off to spend time with family (in a different automobile, but with two dogs and about as much stuff as the pictured above) and enjoy some much needed down time.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for sticking with me this week, despite the lack of posting.  I promise I'll be back to normal on Monday!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reader Request: Going Out Outfits For Adults

This week's reader request post is for Annie, a 31 year old who recently moved to Los Angeles from Ohio (huge change!) and needs new clothes to match her change in lifestyle.  Previously, her circle of friends was very family-oriented and she has plenty of outfits for trips to the zoo and TGI Fridays, but her evenings and weekends are now filled with child-less dinners and brunches and she needs clothes to match.

Annie wants her outfits to be appropriate for someone who's well beyond her college years, and I am happy to help, especially since I'm facing some of the same dilemmas.  Even though Annie and I aren't old by any stretch of the imagination, there are lots of styles clearly intended for the early 20s crowd, and it can be hard to find the middle ground.

Here are a few ideas, and just for fun, I showed how some key pieces can go from day to night:

Outfits for Annie 1

Outfits for Annie 2

Cute, huh?  I got inspired while putting these together and can't wait to copy some of the outfits this week.  Hopefully this was helpful for Annie (and the rest of you)!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

20 tops you can wear with a bra

Good morning!  I hope you're all having  a good week.  I've been knocked on my butt by a sinus infection and slowly recovering, so I took a couple of nights off from blogging, but I'm back with a quick post that I hope a lot of you will find helpful.

I know I'm not alone in the fact that I prefer to wear a regular bra instead of a strapless one.  However, so many of the summer shirt options disregard this preference and instead feature spaghetti straps or halter necks that require a special bra to be purchased (and covertly adjusted all evening, if you're large chested)

So, here are 20 tops I've found that can be worn with a normal bra this summer. 

Summer tops 1

summer tops 2

Wondering how I'd style some of these?  Let me know and I'll put together some more sets. 


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