Monday, April 16, 2012

My Current Addiction: J. Crew Factory

Happy Monday, ladies!  Hopefully everyone enjoyed a weekend as good as mine.  N and I hosted five of our friends from around the state, and we had a blast eating good food and celebrating a birthday.  At one point, my friend Kate and I decided to go to a nearby yoga class and did not realize until we walked in to the actual studio that it was a hot yoga glass and therefore 90 degrees with 60% humidity.  We'd just eaten breakfast 30 minutes prior, so needless to say we did not feel wonderful and refreshed afterwards, and I'm never doing that again. 

Luckily, we bounced back enough to spend an afternoon at H&M (home of the worlds tiniest, incorrectly sized pants), LOFT and Banana Republic (home of button-downs for the flat chested).  I have gone on a bit of a shopping binge lately, so I only bought two cheap striped henleys from H&M, but couldn't wait to start debuting some of the wonderful things in my latest package from J.Crew factory.

They are killing it right now - on price, tend and quality!

j.crew factory shopping

And here are more things I didn't buy, but definitely want.  Many of them are under $30!

J. Crew Factory 2

J. Crew Factory 3

I don't just love J.Crew Factory for the price, but because the clothes fit me.  If you're busty, you NEED to give the perfect shirt button-downs a try.  I think I've tried on almost every option at every major retailer, and these are the only ones that fit me (36DD) without gaping or being huge in the midsection.  Seriously, it's a miracle, and you can get them for under $60!  I am in love with my new leopard version, and everyone who sees me in real life will be sick of it, but probably relieved to see something other than the leopard cardigans and scarf. 

What piece is your favorite?  Am I the only addict out there?


  1. We're the same bust size, so I totally understand the excitement over finding shirts that fit well and don't have that gaping issue.
    I don't care for button-down shirts because of my body type, but I do like J. Crew factory and will definitely give them a try.

  2. Haha! My husband and I totally got a little obsessed with the J.Crew Factory this weekend!



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