Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reader Request: Working Girl Totes

This week's reader request comes from Joena, a recently promoted (Yay!) lady who is looking to invest in a new every day work tote that can hold a laptop, among other things.  There are few things I enjoy more than perusing the internet for purses, so I was happy to oblige!

Joena is looking for something ladylike (she loves feet on a bag, but it was hard to find for under $300!) and wants the bag to be versatile so she can wear it when traveling.  My top pick is the Alesya bag which is actually made for carrying a laptop and has tiny gold feet.  It's within budget, and comes in three gorgeous colors.  Also, I want one.

I also found some other great options, some within budget and some slightly over, that would make a great addition to Joena's work wardrobe.

ladylike work totes

work totes 2

Which bag do you recommend for Joena?  It's a tough decision!


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