Monday, April 2, 2012

Colored Denim Like The Duchess

Good morning! Can you believe it's Monday already?  I felt like my weekend lasted all of 10 minutes, since my parents were in and out of town in a flash and I never quite finished all the things I planned to accomplish this weekend.  (My spring and summer clothes are sitting in a pile in my bedroom floor and not neatly hung in the closet... oops)

As I begin to decide what my spring wardrobe is missing, I couldn't help but notice that colored denim is here to stay, and I think it will go beyond being a fashion forward choice now that the Duchess of Cambridge wore a pair of coral jeans a couple of weeks ago and the internet sold out of them.

I'll definitely be wearing the scarf and blazer combination before it gets too hot here in Texas (although it probably already is) but most of all, I love how this outing was such a clear example of how to dress denim up or down.  I love wearing colored jeans and cords, and put together a couple of examples using shades of green jeans, since they're popular and fairly easy to find:

colored denim - dressed up and down

 I think that most women (who aren't bloggers or in the fashion business) aren't wearing colored denim yet because they don't see the possibilities beyond striped and solid tops or feel like their body shape is best hidden with traditional hues.  However, I think that almost anyone can pull them off with the right mix of pieces, and the sense to know when a true skinny jean works and when it does not.   More often than not, a straight leg pair will look great and slimming, but the same color jegging can make a normal sized person look large. 

Here are some straight-leg denim options I put together on ShopStyle (since skinny jeans are easy to find):


So, do you wear colored denim yet?  Do you find yourself getting odd looks in suburban grocery stores like me? 

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  1. I'm so in love with all of these! I really really WANT a pair of those coral jeans, love them!



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