Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I missed you, Stacy and Clinton!

It will come as no shock to anyone what What Not To Wear is one of my favorite shows.   I've watched since the first season when Stacy was paired with a scary looking guy with long hair.  Thankfully, Clinton quickly replaced him and they've taught me a lot in the past several years.  I wear things that I may not have tried on before, and think about what they'd say when I get dressed.

In celebration of the new season starting up this week, here are is a little roundup of the staple items that they recommend time and time again:

fitted jackets

stright leg jeans and pants



Is anyone else a What Not To Wear fan?  And do you follow the London/Kelly style commandments or march to your own drummer?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Last Call! RSVP before December 1st!

If you are local to Dallas and would like to attend the LOFT private shopping party, you must rsvp at before December 1st to be added to the list for entry.

There will be food, drinks, a discount, and chances to win great prizes while shopping the 2011 Holiday Collection - I hope to see you there!

I'm in love.

I don't have time for a proper post today since I just spent an hour and a half trying on outfits at LOFT for this Thursday's event!  I can't wait to show all of you what I got, but until then, I will pass along this AMAZING art deco-inspired bracelet and necklace since the online 50% off + Free shipping promotion has been extended through today.  You could get both of these babies for $44.50!

I also want to remind everyone who is local to Dallas that you MUST rsvp online for the LOFT private shopping party by midnight on 11/30.  Replying to the Facebook invite or mentioning to me that you're attending isn't enough, and I'm worried that some people may be turned away.  I'll be stalking you all on Facebook shortly.  :)

Disclosure: LOFT has not paid me to feature this jewelry, nor have they supplied it to me for review.  I genuinely like it, and would feature it regardless of my relationship with the company.  I have, however, accepted a brand ambassador role that does lead to my receiving free clothing on occasion.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Rug Hunt 2011 Continues...

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone else had a relaxing holiday, and that you got some great deals on Black Friday/Saturday.  I didn't get too crazy, but we did make some pretty big purchases - a new tv for N and a new area rug for me!

You may recall that I was looking for a geometric print for my living area, and searched high and low for a soft, tufted rug in a modern geometric pattern that I could feel in person.  Well it turns out that's nearly impossible unless your budget is much larger than mine.  I changed my strategy to include neutral (non-beige) options for the main living area, and scored a great deal at Crate and Barrel thanks to a sale plus coupon and gift card.  My Arden Aqua rug should arrive later this week, and it's super soft and thick.  The color looks much darker in person than in these photos, with more brown:

And now that I will have a neutral rug in my living area, I'm still looking for bold pattern in my (open plan) dining area where a flat weave rug will work fine since we don't sit around on that floor.  I was really excited to discover that one of my favorite designers, Genevieve Gorder, has a new line of Capel rugs launching in 2012 and the prices are not outrageous for hand woven rugs ($898 for a 7x9') but probably a bit out of reach for the dining room.  Hopefully there will be sales!

I'm loving the tribal print and the imperfect chevron pattern.  However, they'd be an investment compared to other options, such as this Nate Berkus dhurrie priced at $249 for a 5x8.  I'd also be able to get a coordinating runner for my kitchen.  (It comes in blue, black and gold)

I've also seen this rug all over the internet, always around $250 to $300 for a 5x8.

However, I think my best bet is going to be this rug that's currently 55% off at Rugs USA and is pictured all over the interwebs and Pinterest.  It's too bad that I already dropped a lot of money on a rug this week or I'd click the checkout button. 
What's your favorite source for rugs?  Did you get any great deals this weekend?

P.S. If you want to attend the LOFT Girl private shopping party in Dallas this Thursday, please rsvp on the event website by 11/30!  I'd love to see you there, and you can rsvp for your friends as well!

Monday, November 21, 2011

What to Wear: Thanksgiving 2011

Hello ladies!  I'm off to St. Louis for a few days of family time with N's family, then heading down to Bryan, TX for some time with my parents.  I won't be blogging this week (or computer-ing at all, if I can help it) but wanted to leave you all with some Thanksgiving themed outfit options if you're looking for inspiration for your Thursday events. 

For when the family dresses up a little...

Thanksgiving 1

For when you live in the South and it's hot and nobody is dressing up...

Thanksgiving 2

For when it's cold and wet and casual...

Thanksgiving 3

For when you're expected to "dress for dinner"...

Thanksgiving 4

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday - see you next week!

P.S. If you want to attend the LOFT private shopping event in Dallas on 12/1, don't forget to rsvp for yourself and your friends by 11/30!


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