Monday, November 7, 2011

Searching for shoes: Brown round toe pumps

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I was lucky to spend time with my mom and we spent all of Saturday out shopping.  While we were out, I browsed the shoe departments of several stores in search of a rich brown, round toe pump to wear to work.  You'd think I was looking for something rare and specific - I hardly had any luck anywhere! 

After a whole day, I found exactly one option that I liked.  Here's the front runner so far:

Source: via Haley on Pinterest

And a few more I found online:

brown round toe

What's your favorite store for sensible, but pretty shoes?  I don't want to spend more than $100, which makes things even tougher.

P.S. If you're on the hunt for some shoes to wear while pole dancing, Macy's did have lots more options in that style:

Steve Madden pumps

Steve Madden pumps   (see more platform pumps)


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