Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cheap and Chic Workout Wear

I do not enjoy working out.  I would always rather be on the couch with some wine and a magazine, but too many nights of that habit got me to where I am today, and I've slowly been making my way back to my pretty weight and plan to keep going from there.  Luckily, my company has arranged for a personal trainer to come to our office and work out with small groups of participants twice a week.  The only catch is that now I have to work out and sweat in front of my work friends, so that means I need to look mostly decent.

I'm stubbornly cheap when it comes to workout clothes, and just cannot justify spending a lot of clothes that I wear while doing squats and jumping jacks, then heading home.  Thank goodness for mass market retailers and their desire to take a piece of the activewear market, because I've found all kinds of cute things for much less than comparable merchandise at specialty stores.

Here are some of my favorites, starting with Old Navy.  I love the gray and black tank top with the interesting neckline. 

old navy activewear

And Gap - I have two pairs of G-Fast capris and they're the most comfortable, flattering workout pants I've tried on.  They don't sit super low, don't get stretched out, and have a little secret pocket for your keys.  Plus, you can get lucky and find these pieces on sale for under $20!

Gap Fit

And finally, my beloved Target:

Target activewear

I can't wait to replace a lot of my 8 year old yoga pants (yes, really.  isn't that sad?) and get some cuter workout clothes as my current ones become too large.  What's your favorite source for budget friendly workout wear? 


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