Monday, November 14, 2011

Reader Request: Stylish and Practical Winter Footwear

Happy Monday, everyone!  I had a great weekend relaxing with friends and playing hostess during our party.  I'm finally rested up for another busy week at work, and can't wait to have nine days off for Thanksgiving break.  I'm so excited it's a little sad, since I pretty much live with my smart phone in hand and have nightmares about email marketing gone bad. 

Last week I got a reader request email from Teresa, a very stylish Iowan who is looking for winter footwear options beyond her Hunter boots.  I will freely admit that I'm completely unqualified to write this given that I've grown up in Texas and have seen snow less than a dozen times in 28 years.  However, I can internet shop with specific criteria in mind, and think I've come up with some good options that will be cute but practical (i.e. no suede, semi waterproof) and serve her well when the weather turns cold and wet this year. 
winter shoes

If I were dressing for snowy weather every year, I'd invest in some of the waterproof Timberland boots that look way more stylish than your typical all-weather boot.  Teresa can pair them with skinny jeans or skirts, and look more dressed up than she would in her wellies.

Winter boot outfits

Teresa could also invest in some leather ankle boots that will keep the snow and water away from her feet, and look nice with some colored cords for weekend or skinny pants for work.

Winter bootie outfit

Hopefully this was helpful for Teresa and anyone else looking for options beyond rubber boots and shearling trim.  What's your favorite footwear option for winter?

P.S. If you'd like to submit a guest post for me to publish next week, please send me an email.  I'll be on vacation starting Monday and probably should have planned ahead.  :)

P.P.S.  Don't forget to rsvp for the LOFT Girl shopping party in Dallas on December 1st!


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