Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Do: Eclectic Gallery Wall

After literally months of living in disarray and dust, the end is in sight for our little floor replacement project.  I will finally get to restore my furniture and artwork to the rooms where they live, just in time to have about 25 people over for our annual Fry Day party this weekend (think Texas State Fair food in the backyard with beer). 

Since I painted our entire hallway and living area pale gray, I get to rethink how I hang our artwork since I'm starting over with a clean slate.  I've always loved gallery walls since I'm drawn to collections of all kinds, and cannot afford large pieces of art at this point in my life.  Lately, I have been drawing inspiration from some fun eclectic interiors like these:

I love seeing a mix of large and small frames, and have a vision of adding some maps and my gold painted D to my existing collection of travel inspired prints that doesn't quite fill the space where it lives.  Hopefully it all works out like I'm picturing in my head and I'll have some pictures to share next week!


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