Friday, September 30, 2011

The Ultimate Mix and Match Wardrobe (thanks BR and Lucky!)

I just ran across this collection of mix and match outfits on the Banana Republic site (via a collaboration with Lucky Magazine) and thought it was a great representation of how far a capsule wardrobe can take you if you pick a single color palette that looks good on you. 

Obviously, not all the pieces have to come from BR but they illustrate the point nicely.  Plus, everything here could fit in a suitcase if you're traveling for work.  Oh, the possibilities!

Check out the items here.

I hope everyone has a happy weekend!  Think of me while you're out shopping and I'm stuck at home doing manual labor... :-/ 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

What To Wear: Office Dress Codes Defined

Recently I was honored to be consulted by a company looking to offer their employees some guidance on how to dress for success and make sure that everyone understands what it means to wear business (casual) attire.  As that topic dominated my evenings, I became hyper aware of my own work attire and thought it would be nice to share my sets with the rest of you in case you need some ideas for your own work wardrobe.

So, here's what works for work:
Business Formal

Business Casual

Business Casual Light

Jeans Friday

And in case you're doubting the magic of accessories, here's what works and what doesn't:

Accessorizing Do and Don't

Hopefully this was helpful to some of you, and provided some inspiration to the rest.  Obviously, these suggestions can't always be taken literally and you should use your best judgement depending on where you work. 

So, who else is inspired to clean the closet and kick it up a notch next week?


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