Monday, September 12, 2011

Trend I'm Loving: Tortoise

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  N and I spent it doing housework and I tested out paint samples while he ripped out tile in the kitchen.  The dust is driving me crazy, but it will all be worth it next month!

Another thing I did this weekend was start organizing my jewelry and accessories so that I don't have to dig for things all the time.  I found a necklace that I thought was lost (yay!) and was reminded how very much I love tortoiseshell, and the luxe feel that it brings any outfit even when the jewelry is made of resin.  Then, I became even more enamored when I started looking around on Polyvore and made this set:

Tortoise Accessories

How amazing are those flats and that cuff?!  I am hopeful that someone reads this before my wedding anniversary and Christmas and notices what I'd like to get as gifts this year.  Hint hint. 

I also love when designers use tortoiseshell in rooms, and I can't wait to figure out a way to do it myself.  I use a lot of gray tones, but I think it could still work since it's such a neutral.  Right?

Ron Marvin via Lonny

design by Albert Hadley

design by Miles Redd

Clearly, I need a faux tortoise table in my life. 

So, are you a fan of tortoiseshell?  Is it the ultimate classic neutral, or too old fashioned for your liking?

Update:  How timely - Matchbook Magazine just posted this amazing tortoise bracelet as their daily fancy item today!  It's from Target, but sure doesn't look it!


  1. I am definitely a fan. I have the michael kors watch and love it ! Pretty sure I need that table as well !


  2. Ooh now this is a trend I haven't seen in a while! It is so classic though. Love the iphone case and that table is just gorgeous!

  3. I would adore that table! I love tortoiseshell accessories and have never thought about incorporating it into a room, but these rooms have it down to an art. ;)

  4. I've seen that watch before somewhere. SO gorgeous!

  5. here's a link to a diy tutorial for faux tortoise shell:

    that woman is a GENIUS with diy faux painting!

  6. I've always loved it and you have just reminded me of why! That cabinet is to. die. for. with that tortise backing. GENIUS. I don't think I've ever thought of it in such a large dose, but it's every bit as lovely as it should be (c:

  7. Ohh yes yes yes! I just bought a tortoise necklace and sunglasses, so fab! I'm loving that bedroom, so sexy and chic.

  8. Oh my gosh your blog is so bad for me. You post the most "me" stuff. I need those Jessica Simpson shoes. Why?! Ahh! I bought a pair of Jessica Simpson in May and they are so so high I can barely wear them...but I'm going to keep them.

  9. I love tortoiseshell in all of its incarnations. Loved your interview over at Debby's.

  10. I am in LOVE with that Michael Kors watch!! Great choices - I love tortoise.



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