Friday, September 16, 2011

New source for basics: Shade Clothing

Happy Friday!  I hope all of you have fun weekend plans in the works.  I'm about to lift my personal 6-week clothes shopping freeze and I'm so excited!  I will admit it wasn't a complete shopping freeze, but I got two amazing deals on shoes that I could not pass up just because I was proving a point.  I could not just forget about Banana Republic wedges that I've wanted for months when they are $100 off, and a pair of new gray suede pumps from LOFT for $24 on eBay. 

Speaking of good prices, I love when I discover a new brand or store that offers things in my price range.  It's easy to find sites with amazing skirts for $149, but not so much in the under $70 range where I'm most comfortable.  This week I was excited to come across a brand I'd never heard of on Pinterest called Shade Clothing, and they look to be a great source for basic pieces at a good price.  The style reminds me of a slightly less trendy version of LOFT, but that's not a bad thing considering that you can get almost identical cardigans, jackets and jeans for less with free shipping and returns.

If you can look past the sensible mom models and styling, there's lots of potential:

Shade Clothing Basics

For example, this dress has a Tucker-esque feel to it and sells for only $69.  The model on the site is boring and safe, but if you were to add some younger looking wedges, a cardigan, belt and better jewelry you would have a cute business casual outfit.

Shade Clothing 2

You could also snatch up this raspberry pencil skirt for $49 and get a really luxe, ladylike look by adding a dash of leopard and great accessories instead of a basic white cotton top (though you could do a nice white or cream silky blouse and look equally pretty).

Shade Clothing 3

Sometimes I think I benefit more from posts like this than anyone else because it's too easy for me to look past certain stores just because I'm not their target demographic.  Shade Clothing clearly targets busy moms (per the About Us statement) and a lot of the items are not things I would ever wear, even when I am a busy mom.  However,  it's a good exercise to be able to spot the hidden gems and use them in outfits in place of similar things that cost more. 

Do you know of any stores that we might be overlooking because of the marketing?

Have a great weekend!


  1. this is cute stuff! and styled with more expensive items it really does bring it on trend. i love love love those seychelles wedges. I'm dying to own them but can't cough up $100 right now. Sale soon?

  2. o wow! thanks for the intro...i need to do some shopping! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Great find- love a lot of their stuff!

  4. I love shade...they have some really excellent basic tee's and stuff, too (c: I shop at probably some strange places because of this very concept! Tons of places that have really cools stuff...just not a cool image!

  5. Thanks for the tip. Never heard of Shade.



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