Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Next DIY Project: Warehouse Sale Lamp

Hello ladies!  I hope you all had a great weekend (and Monday) - I'm back from a fun anniversary weekend with N and diving headfirst into the daily grind of work and home renovation.  I'm about to embark on more wall painting than I care to think about, but now I also have a project to be excited about.  Last week I visited the Wisteria warehouse sale in Dallas, and I daresay it's one of my favorite things about living here.  Think 70-96% off (yes really!  $599 patio chairs for $10 each), early in the morning, and lots of ladies ready to dig in.

I got in line at 8:30, and when the doors opened I ran straight to the chip and dent section and then crawled under a table (I'm hardcore when it comes to bargain shopping) to grab this lamp for $25, normally $299.  The shade is missing, but it's otherwise just fine aside from a hairline crack in the back that nobody will ever see. 

The wood is unfinished, and I'll need a shade of course, so my mind is reeling from the possibilities.

I could paint the entire base a high gloss orange for a look sort of like this (but wood):

Jonathan Adler lamp

Or I could stain the wood and shine it up to make a mid-century inspired piece

Or, I could leave the wood as is and play with pattern in the lampshade

all shades by LampShadeDesigns via Etsy

What do you think I should do?  Either way, I promised myself I would wait until my room comes together with floors and paint before laying a finger on the wood.  However, in the meantime I'd love some suggestions!


  1. Love the stained look with a patterned shade!

  2. My mind is reeling, too, and it's not even my lamp!!! Seriously all *amazeballs* options...but I'm pretty sure my heart started speeding up and my eyes started bulging out of my head when you started showing those patterned lampshades. GUH. Imagining those paired with the wood base is giving me goosebumps (c: In a good way!

  3. Patterned lampshades, all the way! And how have I been living under a rock to not know about this Wisteria warehouse sale??

  4. I say leave it and play with the shades, or stain. can't wait to see what you decide!

  5. I love the look of the first wood lamp. It all depends on the rest of the room, but regardless you've found a pretty good steal!


  6. Agree with Danielle and Tamra. With that kind of wood, I don't know if you could get the high gloss look you're going for. The stain is really pretty though and you could jazz it up with any patterned shade you wanted!



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