Monday, September 26, 2011

Romantic Fall Favorites: Debby from Inspired Design

Hi Everyone! It's Debby from Inspired Design. I am thrilled to be here filling in for lovely Haley and sharing my two favorite things: fashion and decor

If my photos didn't already give me away, then I guess you can tell I am a bit of a romantic. I love flowing skirts, girly clutches, chandeliers, beautiful headboards,  anything mirrored, gilded or feminine. Is your fall wardrobe on the same wavelength as your decor or are they polar opposites?

Thanks so much for having me Haley!  Debby xoxo


  1. Oh I'm so with Debby on all of this- I adore her fall favourites...pretty much exactly what I would pick!

  2. I love all these things too! A beautiful post!
    I am following your charming blog.

  3. Nice to meet you, Miss Debby...and I think we can be friends because I'm all about the flowy and feminine and romantic as well (c:

  4. Thanks for having me Haley!! xo



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