Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Awesome or Awful? Folding Screens

I will start this post with a little confession... remember when I was all gung ho about fitness a few months ago?  Well I lost 11 pounds and it felt great.  Then I gained 7 of them back very recently due to work stress and general summertime apathy and I feel terrible about it.  Luckily, my family had a treadmill gathering dust in the garage and offered it to me for free.  And since I'll be more likely to walk for an hour when the HBO Go iPod app is involved, I am now faced with the task of hiding a treadmill in my living room because it doesn't fit through any of the doors in my house.

Luckily, the machine folds up vertically so I think it could be obscured by a screen in the corner.  I found some great inspiration online, and am currently loving the idea of an upholstered screen with nailhead trim.  I could even put artwork on it.  Right?  Or weird?

 via Ballard Designs in 2009

I think I could make one myself with some folding closet doors and a staple gun, though I'm known for being a bit overconfident when it comes to these things.  What say you, internet?  How do you hide your treadmill?  (Assuming you all don't have basements or dedicated home gyms)


  1. Folding screen is a great idea for hiding it. I really like the artwork hung on it as well.

  2. I don't hide my gazelle but if I needed to , I think a folding screen is a great idea.

  3. I think that is a pretty brilliant idea for hiding it! Those things really are an eyesore, but a necessary evil, right? (c: Good luck on the search!

  4. I think it is brilliant as well...not sure what else would cover it...hard to hide an entire treadmill.
    Good luck ..I never had much luck with walking/running to drives me crazy.

  5. I've never seen folding screens with nailhead OR frames and I love both. I'd say if you don't have the extra guest room in your house for gym crap (and clarification: I definitely don't), a folding screen is a pretty genius way to hide it!

  6. Like! I made one once from an ugly cheap lattice screen. Just stapled thin foam and fabric to it.

  7. Love this idea! I almost bought a folding screen a few weeks ago to hide my industrial garment rack in the guest room, but it wasn't sturdy enough for carpeted floors--just something to think about. ;)



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