Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Acquiring a Quilt

I don't know about the rest of you, but I find highly styled beds to be gorgeous but a bit unrealistic for my lifestyle.  I do not have a good spot to store 8 throw pillows and shams when I'm in the bed, and it's not so cold in my house that we need a sheet+blanket+comforter on us while we sleep aside from our 1 week of snow and ice each year.

Pretty, but with eleven pillows (via)

This means that I'm in the market for a quilt.  I have a light blue quilted duvet cover (without anything in it) from West Elm, and had it layered under another white/gray/yellow DwellStudio quilt from Target until this white dog decided to chew three holes in the patterned quilt while I was in the shower. (The black one was an innocent bystander)

This means I'm in the market for a new quilt this year.  Unfortunately, finding one is not going to be easy because I am a cheapo and also picky.  I've rounded up a few options, but it will be hard to find something that goes with my slate gray headboard, black furniture, and pale gray sheets.

Which one do you like best?  I'm sort of leaning towards white the more I look online and see the possibilities with throw blankets and pillows.  Decisions, decisions..


  1. I like the blue. Mine is a sea light blue, I'm craving more color lately. Love the richness of this one.

  2. I like the white one as well, but does your little black fur kid shed a lot? That has stopped us from getting a white duvet. I really like the gray and white pattern on the bottom right.

  3. We recently got a quilt from Pottery Barn, and I love it. It's so soft. I like your #2 and #5 the best, but they are all good!

  4. Yep, I'm the same way - it's too hot for all of those layers! I'm also a fan of white - I found a great while quilt bedspread at TJ Maxx for like $30.

  5. I think white or something light colored is the way to go and you can bring in some more color with the accents :)

  6. I love the all-white idea! And I think the quilt on the bottom right is really pretty too, maybe on the back of a chair in the corner of the room! You can't go wrong with whites, greys, and black, in my opinion :)

  7. I speak from personal experience when I tell you that I think the max on pillows is 7. That's how many I have on my bed (and that includes sleeping pillows). That sounds totally ridiculous, but it works. I DO have somewhere to put them, and trust me, any more than that and it would be super annoying, slash, my boyfriend would kill me.

    In other news, I also like the all white idea. Easy to switch out other bedding to change up colors!

  8. before I had even read the text with this post, I was thinking there is NO WAY I'd have the patience to put those pillows on that bed every day. No way. ha. and then I read it and you said the same thing!



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