Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reader Request: Camel Colored Bag

Last night I got to have fun purse shopping for reader Kristi, who is searching for a camel colored handbag to add to her collection.  Like many of us, her budget is not unlimited and it can be a challenge to find a bag for around $200.  However, I think I found some great affordable options, as well as a few investment pieces that may be worth skipping a few restaurant meals and $4 coffees.

camel handbags

I think my favorite bag is the Vince Camuto Kim in the top left of the collage.  It's unique, but not too slouchy, and the color looks gorgeous.  The Zara options also look very promising (and under budget!) and even I'm saving up for a J. Crew Brompton one day.

What bag is your favorite?  Do you have any favorite brands that Kristi should check out? 

P.S. To be completely honest, if it were me looking, I would start stalking my local Last Call and Nordstrom Rack stores for the best bargain I can find! 


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