Monday, April 9, 2012

Let the open toe wedge wearing begin!

Get excited ladies, I hereby declare that open-toe shoe season is here!  (Never mind that I've been wearing them for weeks because it's been 80+ degrees here)  Easter is over, and unless you are trudging around in snow somewhere, it's time to break out all the spring clothing.

I went a little nuts on eBay this week and scored a pair of Kate Spade wedges for $26 and a few other things, along with some J. Crew Factory sale items, so I am officially forbidden from shopping any more for a long time.  (In my defense, half of the money came from Paypal credits)

However, just because I can't buy more new shoes doesn't mean the rest of you should miss out on the fun.  My favorite summer shoe is the wedge because of the versatility and comfort.  I wear my wedges just as much with jeans and shorts as with dresses, which I can't say for the rest of my footwear.  There are so many colorful, playful options to be had right now and you can get great pairs ranging from $30 or $300. 

Look how pretty!


Are you a wedge fan?  Which pair is your favorite?


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