Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yes, you can wear it - Leopard cardigans

Every once in a while I will be walking around the office and someone will tell me that they wish they could wear a [something] like that, but they would look silly.  Each time I hear that, I always feel a little sad and try to give an impromptu styling session.  Occasionally, I go so far as to make some Polyvore sets to illustrate my point.  Last June, I posted about how everyone can wear a big ass necklace and this week I'm back to prove that leopard cardigans are a wardrobe staple ever since someone proclaimed "I like that but I would look like a jungle cat".

Leopard 101
Jeans + tank + cardie + necklace = Casual and put together.  This is a foolproof outfit for running errands, going shopping, working on Friday, or taking your kid to gymnastics.  It looks way trendier than a fleece jacket and still works with a ponytail.

Leopard at Work
I've recently discovered how much I love leopard paired with jewel tones.  I randomly hung my cardigan next to a peacock blue tank top and immediately saw what I was missing out on.  Since then I've been trying it with all sorts of colors and find it looks great over  blouses for work.  Add dark trouser jeans or black or brown pants and you're set!

Leopard at Dinner
I keep saying over and over that cardigan + dress = skinny.  The same formula applies here, and not just when the dress is black.  Colors, even small allover patterns like dots, look refreshed with a fun top layer.  Add a belt if you like and you'll look like you put thought into your ensemble.

And finally, here is my top pick if you're looking to pick up a cardigan of your own:

Ann Taylor Wild Leopard V-Neck Cardigan - $78

Hopefully this was helpful!  If you've got a trend in mind that you want to try but aren't sure how to work it into you life, send me an email and I'll try to help.


  1. I heart my leopard cardigan so much; you totally inspired me to sport it today! I never thought of pairing it with jewel tones- great idea!

  2. great tips! love the first idea :)

  3. Where'd you find the white tank in the first picture??? And the purple one in the second??

  4. You do need one, Danielle! You'll be surprised how much you wear it...

    Leah -
    Here's the purple tank:

    The white tank isn't for sale anymore, but it was made by Elizabeth and James and cost more than anything in my closet (about $215) No wonder it looked good!

  5. Oohhhh loving that very much, I want! Just discovered your blog and also loving it too xx

  6. I am obsessed with animal prints!! I am so glad they are back in style! Love your taste. xo



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