Monday, March 7, 2011

Making a run for it

Have you ever seen photos of yourself and wanted to vomit?  This happened to me recently and I've decided that it's time to return to my college weight once and for all, which means I need to lose the 20 pounds I've been making excuses about since 2006.  And since I'm declaring this to hundreds of women on the internet, it means I have to follow through with it.  I'm not going to post frequent updates here, but you may follow the progress on Twitter if you like. 

I have all the tools I need and the support of my husband, who's beginning the journey with me, and now all we need is some sweet workout gear.   Ok, not really, but I would love to have the things in the fitness round-up below. 

Pink iPod Nano (I own a shuffle from 2004 and it just won't die)

What's your favorite fitness product or strategy?   I'm a big fan of the My Fitness Pal app, which helps me keep track of what I'm eating.  Now I need to stick with it!


  1. New workout clothes are always great motivation for me! You should feel good in what you work out in! :) I'm a huge Bikram yoga fan too!

  2. I love yoga. More of a workout than most people think; trust me, your muscles will be screaming and your heart rate will be elevated. However, you also get in some great stretching and mental relaxation. And yoga pants are flattering!

  3. Haley, my favorite fitness product is any workout clothing that is CHEAP!! Because let's face it, you're sweating and working out in it, not going to dinner. :)

  4. Hehe, yeah the only thing I may actually get from that list is the iPod... I got the Gap capris on sale last month and love them, though.

  5. I recently got a BodyBugg (they aren't cheap) but it's amazing. It stays on your left tricep and tells you how many calories you've burned throughout the day. For a control freak like myself it makes it that much easier with the help of counting calories.

    Beyond that I love my Mizuno running shoes. When shopping for a shoe I definitely recommend going to a place like RunOn and having them do a diagnostic on your walking/running and for them to give you advice on what kind of shoe you will benefit the most from.

    Beyond that the best advice I can give is to find something that you actually enjoy doing that also gives you the workout that you need! Find some friends that are willing to take a walk during the weekend or the week to keep you motivated. I never thought I would make to 9 weeks of training for a half marathon but I've found it kind of fun to train with C and his roommate. It makes it more interesting when other people are involved!

  6. I too love that ap. Recently I've been into Jillian Michael's torture...I mean DVDs.

  7. just found your blog and love it!
    off to explore it more!
    xoxo em

  8. Thanks for the tips!

    And welcome, Emily!

  9. hi friend! i LOVE my fitness pal. use it constantly! and i think you should treat yourself to a little workout outfit...everytime i buy new running shorts, i get even more motivated to hop on the treadmill!

  10. I love My Fitness Pal, it keeps me accountable for what I eat. I also have become a slave to the elliptical... Good luck!

  11. If you want to walk/run, go to Luke's Locker for shoes. They'll get you in the best pair for you and not for their bottom line. They even took back some shoes my husband tried and HATED. Very cool. You also can score some sweet duds on sale.

    I'm a huge fan of the Nike tempo short. I think they flatter those of us with curves. I know it shouldn't matter, but I really feel better when I wear something cute to workout in. Plus, if I get all dressed up then it's harder to chicken out.

    As far as devices, I love my Polar watch & heart rate monitor. I have a low-end model, but I like seeing how far I'm pushing myself. And the Nike+ thing is cool. You don't even have to have the special Nike shoe.

  12. I may go get a shoe evaluation - I'm quite flat footed and it's hard for me to find shoes that don't hurt me. I've bruised the arches of my feet before!



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