Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reader Request: Modern Baby Boy Nursery

Ok so this wasn't actually a request, I offered and she accepted.  But a lovely blog reader is having a baby boy and designing a nursery, so I thought it would be fun to shop the internets and present some modern options that she may like.  Here's the criteria (Some hers, some mine if I ever have a baby boy):
  • No overall theme, just cool modern things with a childish feel
  • No crazy paint scheme that will be inappropriate once Junior reaches preschool
  • No wallpaper borders!! 
  • Practical fabrics that can withstand vomit
  • Affordable furniture that can be used later on
Here are my inspiration rooms (from Ohdeedoh)

And here's what I would pick if I were making room for a little boy this year:

Paint - Pebble Gray by Glidden is very pale and soothing and will play a supporting role to whatever color scheme is introduced through art, bedding and curtains
Crib - The photo is a designer option, but I included it to show what adding some paint or shapes can do.  I think the Dwell 
Studio Silverlake Crib from Target could look almost identical with some wood trim pieces added to the solid sides.
Gerber Gray Crib Sheet - these are cheap and neutral.  No need to get fancy when it will just get dirty...
Crib Bumper and Quilt - I would spring for custom made pieces on elements that will be seen and not spat on (as much).  I love the color palettes Hush Baby Co. offers, but there are obviously thousands more options, like the Dwell Studio fabric collection or designs from Amy Butler.
Ikea Henny Curtains - Fun navy polka dots don't have to match the bedding, just be in the same color family
Elephant Hamper - Totally necessary ;-)
Ikea Poang Rocking Chair
Ikea Rand Rug
CB2 Dresser - Anything long and low could work as a changing table if you put a pad on top of it
Ikea Posters
Recycled Star and Moon Mobile

Vinyl Giraffe growth chart - I would put this on a white piece of 5' shelving and mount it on the wall unless you're sure you won't be moving
Cloud Shelf
Kyle the Raccoon
CB2 Big Dipper Lamp
Custom Wall Art

Update: I just found these prints and LOVE them


  1. Does that crib have a chalkboard built into it? haha prob not but it looks like it -- and thats awesome! =)

    I love these ideas - a great fresh take on a modern nursery <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. No, it's cobalt blue paint but a chalkboard on the end of a crib wall would be really cool... good idea!

  3. Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful! Thanks so much! You've given me so many great ideas! I'm in love with those prints and the cloud shelf is too cute--and useful. The walls right now are periwinkle and if we keep them that way (it's pretty and we're lazy), it would look adorable. I had also just been thinking plain (and cheaper) for crib, but I love the idea of embellishing it somehow.

    I'm so excited--thanks again!

  4. I KNEW this was for Kate as soon as I started reading!

    Very cute stuff.

  5. Thanks! I think the cloud shelves could be easily made from MDF if someone has a jig saw. It can't be that hard, right? (famous last words)

  6. oooo I love those little prints you found!!! Is it silly that I want to use them in my craft room (no kiddies yet)? Nice find!!!



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