Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gift Idea #3 - The elusive $20 item

I love all of the fantastic gift guides that are being published all over the internets (check Design Sponge!), but I find many to be lacking in the under $20 selection.  To be honest, most of the non-family members on my list are getting gifts that run around $20 but look like they're worth more (or I got them on crazy sale).  In the spirit of saving money, here are some options that will be well received but won't break the bank.

Z Gallerie Radiant Frame  (with an awesome picture inside, even if you print it from Flickr)
J. Crew Leopard Belt
Personalized Note Cards (Order NOW!)
Sex and the City Print  (for my best friend, Julie)
White Truffle Oil from Pike Place Market
LOFT Teardrop Necklace
Prim and Posies Hair Pins (close enough to $20... I loved them too much to leave out)
Dahlia Placemat (originally featured on Design Sponge)
P.S. I Made This book (so awesome!)


  1. I picked up one of those C&B placemats and they are adorable! I think a set would make a great gift -- actually a lot of these items would! Kudos on choosing stuff people can actually afford. Sometimes it's nice to blog about crazy expensive things we wish we had (i heart it!) but sometimes, ya gotta be practical =) <3

    love this and love your blog so far!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons



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