Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Customized boutique? Don't mind if I do!

As a frequent shopper, I can say with confidence that it's rare to find a store where you like everything.  I felt that way about Martin & Osa before they were stupidly murdered by American Eagle Outfitters (yes, still pissed about that) and am starting to feel that way about LOFT.  It's so convenient to be able to quickly find what you need and not sort through 45 unfortunate tops before you come across one that suits your taste.  Lucky for me, is in beta phase and it's awesome.

This evening I spent 30 happy minutes creating and browsing my own personal boutique.  You start by looking through a series of photos and picking your favorites from each pair.  This isolates your overall style (mine is Classic - shocking!) and then you specify different silhouettes, color and patterns that you love and hate for dresses, tops, bottoms and shoes.  Then, you can specify designers that you love/hate and eventually end up with a highly edited mix of options in your own "personal" online shop.  You can also browse other people's boutiques and others inspired by celebrities (similar to Polyvore). 

Here's my personal boutique, if you'd like to check it out:

Have fun!


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