Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!! (Almost)

2010 was a pretty big year for me.  I started this blog on a whim, got addicted to writing it, and have watched it grow far faster than I thought it would.  I got engaged, planned a wedding and have now been married for three months.  Who knows where I'll be at this time next year?

In the spirit of starting anew in 2011, here are some resolutions that I may or may not uphold this year...

1. Keep my closet organized - so far, so good in 2010
2. Wear makeup to work every day... even if it's just mascara
3. Wear more bracelets
4. Complete my online Photoshop and Illustrator classes
5. More dates with N, less time on the couch with a laptop
6. Push myself more at work and do new things even if I have to stay there longer
7. Read all my books before I buy new ones
8. Lose 15 lbs before being a bridesmaid in multiple weddings - currently 1/5 of the way there

What are you planning to accomplish this year?  Or do you think resolutions are a load of crap?  I personally work better with clearly defined goals so it's a good exercise for me to have this list printed out and tacked to my wall at work.  And I needed something to write about today.

See you in 2011!


  1. Happy New Year! And I loooove the wallpaper idea - the walls he used are even similar color to mine! Yay, we have a plan B!

  2. Happy New Year!! My goals: Laugh with my husband and share a real kiss at least once a day. Have $ex at least twice a week.

    Calculate my net worth on the first day of each month.

    Read one book a month, and write it down in my "books I've read" journal.

    Print the best of the 3+ years' worth of digital family photos I have stored on my computer (that are very fortunately backed up). Select a few special ones to frame and to give to relatives - by March 1. On a related note, finish baby books for my 2 kids (argh! I'm so not a scrapbooker) by April 1.

    Get my closet organized so that each and every item in there is actually something that is wearable right now.

    Write my only remaining grandparent one letter per month.

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Those are good resolutions, Hush... now my list is longer. :)



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