Monday, May 9, 2011

Reader Request: Warm weather wedding guest dress

After lots of down time this weekend, I'm back!  Thanks so much for all the nice comments last week.  They really make me happy  :)

Today I am helping out a friend from high school in her quest to find the right dress to wear to a family wedding this summer in Georgia.  That means it's going to be hot and muggy outside.  She also wants the dress to come in around $70 or less and flatter a curvy frame.  Challenge accepted!

Pretty in Persimmon
I like this dress from Lands End Canvas, but it takes a bit of imagination to picture it as a wedding outfit.  The wide straps allow for a regular bra, and the empire waist will make the skirt flow over the stomach and hip area.  Losing the belt and adding fun jewelry and fancier sandals will make the look appropriate for a wedding.

Perfectly Pink
I love the defined waist and lace detail on this dress from The Limited, and the color is unique too!  The price is a little more than the budget allows, but coupons are easy to find and it feels like there is a new discount code on Facebook every day.  I would add metallic accessories to keep things fancy.
Full Skirted Floral
I like this dress from Macy's because it would be flattering on so many shapes.  The full skirt is very forgiving, and I like the print for a summer event.  I think the look is very southern and could look nice with some fun shoes and jewelry.
If you've got a request you'd like me to post about, send me an email.  I really enjoy doing it since it feels like shopping  :) 


  1. Wow that is quite a challenge under $70- great job! Love the turq accents!

  2. I always love the looks you come up with. I need to put you on the hunt for something for me, just not sure what yet!

  3. As a life long Georgia girl, I approve of all the choices!! (The first one is my favorite!)

    I hope she enjoys her time in "The Peach State!"

  4. I think I'm going to go with the Limited dress! Thanks Haley!

  5. love these options! we have 3 outdoor weddings this summer...eeek!!!

  6. Love the first dress with the turquoise !!


  7. Thanks for all the support! I'm glad others agree with the options - I was afraid they were a little too casual.

    I hope the pink dress works out, Mandie!!



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