Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summertime Do's!

With Memorial Day fast approaching, the official start of summer will be here before we know it (although it's been hot for a while here in Texas).  As much as I complain about the heat, part of me loves stepping outside into warm air and the laid back lifestyle that seems to take over from now until fall.  With that in mind, here some of my favorite Do's for for summer:

Casual Hair Do's
Oppressive heat makes it necessary to get your hair off your neck, which means fun with braids and buns.  Plus, this is the perfect time of year to have fun with color and updos for wedding season. 

Fresh, Dewy Makeup
There's something wrong about heavy, matte makeup when it's hot and you're wearing sandals.  I prefer a more natural look when it's hot, and I love how so many products let you keep a little bit of shine, but not in an oil slick way.  I also like wearing lighter perfume and lip gloss in the summer, and two of my new favorites are pictures below along with the most versatile makeup ever - Benefit High Beam.

OutDOor Entertaining (weak, I know... I ran out of puns)
Summer is the season for having a party in your backyard, and I love when people use fun lanterns for ambiance.  I also love, in no particular order: sangria, vintage style swimwear, giant sunglasses, lounge chairs, crawfish, and WEARING SUNSCREEN.  Skin cancer is no joke, ladies.  You don't want scars like mine.

What are your favorite summer staples?  This post makes me want to go outside... if only it weren't raining cats and dogs and hail!


  1. Love those hair-dos! The last braided one is my favorite! Absolutely beautiful. Who doesnt love the Dewy look! Its pure summer!

  2. totally agree with the hair and makeup. sunscreen + tons of water are things i try to focus on in the summer...especially with the Houston heat!

  3. love all those hairDO's! :) especially the one on the bottom right! and big sunglasses + sunscreen? a MUST in the summer!
    xo:: Lauren @ tickled.

  4. We're sweltering in Georgia too! (I'd actually welcome a rainy weekend!) I just replaced my old broken giant sunglasses for a new pair of giant sunglasses. :)

  5. I love each hairdo more than the next...but not sure I can achieve a single one of them without professional assistance, sigh.
    i am so boring...either pulled back in a bun or long and straight.

  6. I wish I was in your last set of pics right now! Great post.

    I awarded you with the Stylish Blogger award. Check out today's post and pass on the blog love.

    xo tamra

  7. wow. love all these inspirational summer posts I've been finding. definitely makes me wanna get in the sun. And i love all those hairdos thanks for that collection of photos.


  8. Love everything about this post, especially the entertaining collage!



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