Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Still Wanting: Wedge Booties

Hello!  Sorry for the silence, but there's still no baby to write about and I am officially on maternity leave and nesting like crazy.  I hope Baby Cardigan makes his appearance soon, but I'd be lying if I said a couple of days to myself without anywhere to be doesn't sound great.  Today I got a pedicure and ran a couple of errands, and am about to spend an evening on the couch with N.  Poor me  :)

Another thing I've been doing lately is keeping tabs on a few things I have been wanting to buy, but only for a great price.  One of those items is a pair of wedge booties that are not too high, and of better quality than the ones I test drove from Target (they went back after an evening around the house).  I love the laid back look, and I think they're a perfect shoe to wear when it's still a bit too chilly for sandals, and you don't want to wear sneakers or ballet flats.

The weather in Dallas has been nuts lately, and we go from 40 to 80 degrees in a day.  Here's what I wish I were wearing instead of a crappy Liz Lange maternity tee (that has not held up well at all - no stars!) and leggings.

I am currently waiting on these Dr. Scholl's Bethany wedges to come down in price, at which point I will order them and be a cool mom on the go (as Stacey and Clinton would say).  They're cheaper on Amazon, but not available in as many sizes.

Does anyone else have recommendations for a similar shoe under $100?  I'm curious to try the TOMS Desert Bootie - especially with 785 good reviews on - but I think I want a little less suede.

 Ok, enough shopping... back to important housework like re-centering the photos in my guest room art wall.  #nesting


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