Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reader Request: Riding Boots at Work

Happy (Fat) Tuesday!  I hope y'all had a great weekend - I spent mine finishing up Baby Cardigan's room and running errands, which put naps on the agenda too.  However, I'm back, and today I'm excited to put together a post for Carrie.

She's a recent transplant to Seattle by way of Texas A&M (whoop!) and is looking for some ideas on how to wear her brown riding boots to work on days when it's rainy and she has to walk to work.  Obviously this won't work in a traditional business setting, but some boots can definitely go business casual with the right skirts and dresses to elevate them.

First of all, I must preface my advice with the callout that if nobody else in your office ever wears boots and you're unsure if you should, then don't.  However, for many of us, there's no question that it's acceptable and they can be practical alternative to skimpier shoes.  For a dressier look, choose boots with a rich even tone no distressed leather or chunky hardware.  A heel is great, but flat is fine too, just make sure they aren't so big in the shaft that it looks like you're standing in a bucket.

Obviously, I prefer pairing the boots with skirts and dresses as opposed to tucking pants into them - I'd save that look for Fridays.  A knee length pencil skirt or subtle a-line keeps you looking like an adult (flared, short skirts can quickly bring your outfit into sexy territory, which isn't what you want at the office) and a classic blouse or sweater balances the casual vibe of the footwear.

When it's chilly, you can add thick opaque tights in the same color family as the boot leather, or even a small weave pair of fishnet tights if you'd just rather not have bare knees. (This kind, NOT what you see at Victoria's Secret!)

Now that you're armed with some guidelines, are you brave enough to wear boots at the office?


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