Friday, February 28, 2014

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday! I hope all of you had a great week.  Mine was busy and still isn't over, but I am getting close to finishing Baby Cardigan's room - which is good news considering that he will be here by March 17th at the latest (eek!)

Before I go trolling Etsy for 8x10 prints, here are 5 things worth sharing on the internet:

1. I am so enamored with this home tour from Jessica Ahnert Davis of The Eagle's Nest.  I love everything about it, especially this little entry way vignette with the mirror and prints.

2.  When I have a waist again, I'm going to wear the crap out of a gingham dress like this one from Gap.  But I will button mine because I am a lady.

3. Last year I was really excited to get some "perfect" leopard flats from Gap, and I am now sad to report that they have been thrown out because after about 4 outings they smelled terrible.  I think these will be my next pair, but I'm on the fence about whether Steve Madden shoes are worth $59.  Thoughts?

4. This week's recipe is a blueberry power muffin made with Chobani greek yogurt from the Domesticated Academic.  I have been craving blueberry muffins, and these look almost too good to be true.  Stay tuned!

5. As the weather starts to warm up, let us all remember how fun it is to mix prints and how much mileage you'll get from a pair of brown wedges that are comfortable.

Bonus 6th Thing for Texas people + Crazy Dog Lady PSA:

** Harold has been adopted!!  Hooray!**  But the story is still important... let's put tags on our dogs, ladies!

Over the President's Day weekend, my husband and I found a big, sweet male yellow Lab wandering around our neighborhood.  Being the dog lovers that we are, we promptly leashed him and gave him some water before taking him on a long walk to knock on doors and see if anyone recognized him.  To our surprise, nobody did, so I put up lots of signs and we let him chill at our house and play with Maggie in the backyard.  He was wearing a collar, had neatly trimmed nails, perfectly clean teeth, and a habit of jumping on couches - all signs pointing to a dog with a family.

So, I did what I still believe is the right thing to do - I turned him over to our local shelter a day later (a Humane Society partnership with a very good live release rate) so his family could find him.  I wouldn't want someone immediately giving or keeping my dogs if they got loose, and I was positive that he'd be reunited soon.

Well, that was a week ago on Tuesday and now Mr. Lab is up for adoption without any takers.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in a calm, healthy male yellow Lab who is about 2 years old and great with other dogs, please point them to Irving Animal Services and ask about "Harold".  I'm sure they'd love to get him in a foster home, too.  I've contacted some rescue groups and none have responded yet, but the thought of him going "code red" makes me want to cry.  (Obviously, with a new baby on the way any day now, we are not in a position to bring a new dog into our home.)

You can check out his page here (he is not a lab mix, they use that label in both instances) and please take a moment to get the word out if you live nearby or have animal rescue connections:

So, the point of this besides finding Harold a family, is to PLEASE put tags on your dog and get a microchip!  My husband and I have found four strays in the past year or two, and not one has had any sort of valid ID tag.  It's so inexpensive, and now you can order tags online or have them engraved by a machine at Petco or Walmart.  Please do it this weekend if your dog is currently wearing only a collar.

The end.

/dismounts soapbox


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