Monday, February 10, 2014

Help me, Mamas! + Random Baby Things

If you don't have any interest in baby things, I'm sorry that today's post doesn't apply to you.  I promise I won't make this a mommy blog!

Tomorrow I will officially be 36 weeks pregnant, and I have begun packing my hospital bag and making random purchases of things that weren't gifted or fun to buy (think wipes, mattress protector, baby mittens, etc).  Since there are so many of you smart, stylish mothers online, I'd love to know what you found most useful in those first few weeks and at the hospital!

We've got the basics covered, but I like to be prepared... if that's even possible. 

I know my baby will look nothing like this, but the photo was taken by my sweet friend Maryam and I think you should check out Sweet Violet Photography if you're in the Dallas area.  She'll be photographing Baby Cardigan after he arrives and I cannot wait!

In other news, I have realized that JCPenney now carries high(er) end baby clothes in the Baker by Ted Baker line and they are adorable and Zara-esque.  So, if you're hunting for a gift, I recommend checking them out before all the cool brands disappear.

I also just discovered an amazing Etsy shop called BLVD67, and have ordered a Boppy cover and changing pad cover for Baby Cardigan.  The prices are great, and the fabrics are modern -- my two favorite things!  Check out these bedding fabric combinations (not limited to baby rooms!):

Finally, this may be a little personal, but did anyone buy a postpartum binder like a Belly Bandit after having a baby?  I've read good things about them, but there are lots of choices and I'm not sure what to get or if I should even bother.  I'm not expecting a miracle or anything, but if it helps I'll do it!  (I'm considering this one)


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