Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Business Casual Doesn't Mean Boring!

Oh hey, internet.  Sorry I ended up taking a little unplanned break, but I am back after a fantastic weekend with my family and some really busy work days that didn't leave time for blogging.

Speaking of work, I have been browsing on Pinterest in hopes of being inspired to create some new outfits with my very limited, 8-months pregnant, maternity wardrobe.  I didn't see much to help me, but I did see lots of the same old basic work outfits.  /sad trombone

I know that some offices won't take kindly to those who push the envelope (which sounds terrible to me!) but for the most part, I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with injecting some personality into your wardrobe and wearing classic silhouettes in unexpected colors and prints.  Unless you are required to wear suits in a conservative setting, you probably have a little more freedom than you realize!

Here's what I mean:

In my opinion, wearing a black striped dress instead of a solid one does not suggest that you're any less capable, especially when you pair it with a ladylike wedge.  You can also make your bright dresses work at the office (if the fabric is right) by wearing them under a blazer or cardigan.

Also, basic slim black slacks suddenly feel more Deschanel-esque when paired with a printed flat and creamy blouse, as do a subtly patterned pair that can get down to business with a sleek sweater as well as your favorite evening top and heels. 

Isn't that more fun than a plain white button-down?  I agree.


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