Sunday, January 31, 2010

Decorating is hard.

For those who know me, you've no doubt heard about the ongoing bathroom renovation at my boyfriend's house.  He and his parents (and me, for easier tasks like painting or sanding) have turned a bathroom the size of a large closet into a normal sized master bathroom.  Finally, it is finished.

Today is when my skills came into play - shopping for the accessories.  I scoured Dallas for the perfect gray-ish shower curtain to complement the granite and found one on clearance at Target ($17!) with complementing rugs and hand towels from Homegoods.  However,  I learned this week that decorating a shared space is hard.  I see why HGTV created a show about it (though it may be cancelled...)  Unless you're lucky enough to have a man with no opinions (I'm not) most prints get deemed 'too girly' and 'weird looking' and you're left to be creative with solids and stripes.

After much shopping, we ended up with this shower curtain and some white rugs with gray stripes and various blue/white/gray hand towels.  I picked out brushed nickel accessories (Why are these so expensive?  All bathroom trash cans not made of plastic were $19.99!)  and learned that if you're decorating a bathroom on a (small) budget, you should:

1. Pick out your shower curtain first and carry it around with you.  Things that look like they will go together under flourescent lighting can look awful in the room.  I have to make several returns at Target this week because I did not learn this lesson.

2. Check out Target, Ross, Garden Ridge Pottery and Homegoods for cheap(er) items that are still well made.  I was shocked at how much art and mirrors Garden Ridge sells for under $30.  (However, I couldnt decide on anything because I was being rushed.  I will go back next week.)  The Thomas O'Brien collection at Target is great for unisex space because it still stylish but not floral or overly feminine.

3. Look for inspiration at Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate+Barrel, and Bed, Bath and Beyond but always assume that you can find something similar for cheaper (unless you are absolutely in love with it).  I almost bought a $49 shower curtain and am so glad I didn't.

Once I get some photos uploaded I'll post, but in the meantime I'll be enjoying bubble baths and showers with two showerheads.

              A non-girly shower curtain that isn't uglynavy blue or plaid!


  1. Another great place to buy towels is Kohl's. They are very good quality. Of course you have to wait until they go on sale, but, a $12 towel on sale for $6 is a steal IMO.

  2. i'll trade home decorating advice for event planning advice!!!! god knows i couldn't decorate a paper bag...



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