Friday, July 13, 2012

5 Things Friday

Good morning!  Can you believe it's Friday?  I'm wrapping up my first week at a new job, and am so ready for a weekend.  My new team is great, but it's always a little overwhelming to start work at a new company and I'm excited to spend some down time with N and go to a wedding (in town, for once!)  Before I do that, here are five things I found worthy of sharing on the internet:

1. Today I'm excited to be guest posting on my e-friend Jaime's blog, South on Broadway.  I answered a set of questions that she submitted to several bloggers, and a new person will be answering them each week.  Go check out her blog, and you may even learn some things you always wanted to know about me, like my most recent drunk purchase from  (What's yours??)

2. I know so many pregnant ladies right now, and I'm jealous that all of them get to decorate nurseries.  I think that's what makes me most excited to (hopefully) have kids one day.  That's going to be one badass room, and I can't help but be inspired by awesome pictures like this one.  It could work for adults, too, if you've got a steady hand! (The text is from Madeline)

3. I love England and I want this poster designed by Dieter Braun. 

Source: via Haley on Pinterest

4. Most of you know I fall dangerous close to the "crazy dog lady" category.  I've had at least one dog every day since I was about 4, currently love a very spoiled dachshund and mystery mutt (probably a pit mix with some labrador thrown in).  I was in college when I got my little buddy, Charlie, and am a bit ashamed to say I bought him from a backyard breeder.  I know now that there are entirely too many mixed breed and purebred dogs being euthanized in shelters, and rescue pups are the way to go.  The designer dog trend is especially sad to me because people are paying thousands of dollars for what's essentially a mutt, sometimes with dubious genetic background, and you can't scroll on Pinterest for 2 minutes without seeing pictures of a golden doodle or a cockalier poodle (yes, that's a thing now). 

So, just in case you're considering a pet purchase, here's a littler reminder that mix breed pups are just as precious and will love you more than you can imagine.  This little guy looks almost just like my Maggie:

5. I just discovered Food Gawker this week and I am hooked.  It's like Pinterest for food.  Too bad I'm only allowed 1200 calories per day.  Le sigh.

Below is a pin for a super easy and delicious bacon, egg and toast cup recipe (via The Noshery) that I have made to much acclaim:

And with that, I bid you bon weekend!


  1. Amen to your sentiment re designer dogs.

  2. Agreed on designer dogs! My husband and I swear the labradoodles and golden doodles are taking over our neighborhood.




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