Monday, July 23, 2012

Reader Request: Preppy Chic Checklist

Good morning!  I hope you all had an amazing weekend - mine was wonderful, and I can't wait for the next one.  I received a request email last week from Kate, a reader who said she'd love to see a checklist of preppy must-have pieces.  Since I'm a big fan of that look, despite being far far away from the quintessential Northeast prepster culture, I had fun putting this collection together for her.

The inspiration:

Source: via Evie on Pinterest

The list:

Preppy Checklist

In my opinion, no preppy wardrobe is complete without:

1. Colorful oxford shirts for layering in the fall winter, and worn alone the rest of the time.  Don't forget to pop the collar and roll the sleeves!
2. The perfect pair of white jeans
3. Monograms!  Start with a necklace and phone case, then move on to luggage.
4. The quintessential navy blazer - preferably shrunken and feminine
5. Classic accessories like aviator glasses and a beat up leather weekend bag that you'll carry for 20+ years
6. Loafers - preferably colorful ones like these cheapies from Gap and Target
7. Stripey cardigans for layering over the oxford shirts
8. Nautical accessories like a striped belt and Sperry topsiders
9. The classic khaki trench coat
10. Candy colored chino pants and shorts

Now, who wants to watch The Royal Tenenbaums and trade in your car for a Grand Wagoneer?  Anybody?

Hopefully this was helpful for Kate, and the rest of you.  If you have a shopping dilemma, send me an email and let me know.  I love helping out!


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