Friday, December 7, 2012

5 Things Friday

Good morning!  Can you believe we're already a week into December?  I've bought exactly two presents so far and am starting to freak out since I'm usually done shopping by now.  I expect to place some serious orders online this weekend, but while I was shopping, I came across a few things worth sharing on the internet.

1. I live in a home with a ginormous fancy tv, and I don't believe in hiding it, but I want to make wall behind it feel less like a blank slate. I was excited to come across this room by Sarah Richardson, and will be creating my own row of photographs, though likely frames via Ikea because I'm a cheapskate.

2. I am in love with this wallet.  Seriously, why do I keep coming across perfect wallets when I have a perfectly good one in my purse.  Where were these in 2010 when I was shopping?!

3.  Spoonflower has begun selling custom temporary wallpaper for $60 per roll.  Our lives have been changed, ladies.

4. I picked up these sunglasses at LOFT and they are my new favorites.  At only $24, I don't feel nervous about losing or breaking them, and they're almost identical to their $95 Warby Parker counterparts.

5. I'm also in love with this sweater jacket, and I am sad to be between between sizes.  I refuse to buy things with the intent of weight loss, and the size medium is a bit too snug to zip comfortably, but I look like I'm swimming in the large.  However, if you're slightly smaller than a size 10 get the medium and you'll wear the crap out of this soft, cozy moto-style sweater that looks super cute with jeans or stretchy pants for Christmas morning.

Bonus 6th Things. At 29, I have lots of pregnant friends and am newly aware of the challenge expectant moms face when it comes to fashion.  However, LOFT has several super chic pieces for moms to be:

LOFT maternity

And with that, I bid you good weekend... and good luck shopping!


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