Thursday, December 13, 2012

What to Wear: Holiday Parties, Continued

Even though it makes me Captain Obvious, I will state for the record that holiday party season is now in full swing.  Every weekend, and some Thursdays, are filled with engagements and for some of us it's one of the few excuses to dress up all winter.  Last week an old friend from high school (hi Sarah!) asked for some ideas on what to wear for a company party at a swanky restaurant, and I had a good time pulling together some options.

First, I will say that the obvious, most foolproof outfit is a little black dress and a statement necklace.  If your company is conservative, or you'll be with clients (who should never be confronted with your sexiness) then that is a great option and you should probably disregard what I'm about to post.  If you have a little more leeway, here are some fun ideas for outfits that don't necessarily involve a black cocktail dress:

office party 1

Shift dress
H m
$24 -
Ponte jacket
Leopard shoes
Bangle bracelet
Bangle bracelet
$63 -

I love all the cool prints you see in dresses right now, and layering a black blazer adds coverage if you're not a fan of bare arms and makes the whole outfit a little edgier.  I also like the idea of wearing a candy colored pencil skirt usually reserved for work with a sexy top and statement shoes. 

holiday party 2

Haute Hippie sequin tank
Gold tank
Dorothy Perkins sleeveless top
$35 -
Ponte jacket
Slim fit pants
H m
$32 -
Red Or Dead short mini skirt
$80 -

For those looking to work in some leather, I like the idea of an embellished skirt with a basic camisole and blazer.  Or, pair an inexpensive skirt from a store like H&M with a well-cut top (ignore the peplum if that's not your thing) that will elevate the whole outfit.

Now I want to get dressed up for a party.  Bah humbug.

P.S. In case you missed them, I posted other holiday party outfit ideas here and here


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