Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And So It Begins... Holiday 2012 Outfit Ideas

Yeah, I know today is Halloween.  I hope it's fun, and that you see lots of cool orange and black stuff on the internet today. 

However, since I posted all of my Halloween themed content on Friday, I decided to jump ahead to what will soon dominate our free time.  Yes, it's time to start thinking about holiday parties and all the outfit planning that goes along with them.  In a few short weeks, we'll be attending Thanksgiving dinners and then the first wave of Christmas parties.  Time has flown!

If you plan on buying new outfits to see you through the season, now is the time to start shopping.  As usual, I'm here to help with some ideas.  First, I'll start with the phrase that actually makes many hearts sink a little bit - "It's just a casual party, you can wear jeans."  I doubt I'm alone in that I'd rather put together a special outfit than look like I'm about to go to work, but with more makeup and cameras.  However, the right combinations can make you stand out a little but not look overdressed.

casual holiday party

I love bright tops, unique jewelry, and slim cut pants as an alternative to basic jeans and sweaters.  Plus, you'll always be cozy in a black sweater dress and boots.  However, nothing above is going to prompt questions about where you're going later, or why you're so dressed up. 

Check out a more formal option after the jump...

If your party is dressy, you can still find lots of affordable options from H&M, JCPenney or The Limited and pair them with some of your closet staples or existing pieces to create new outfits.  For example, a sexy blouse will look festive with the bright pencil skirt or black skinny jeans you're already wearing.

holiday party chic

This season I've got lots of great outfit posts planned, plus some fun gift guides for the shopper who does not spend $100+ on everyone.  That said, if there's anything you'd like to see please let me know.  I love hearing from you all!


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