Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Obsessed: Craftsman Style Homes

One of my biggest strengths, according to the Gallup StrengthsFinder, is the way that I can think ahead and plan for the future.  It's a blessing at work, where my job is to communicate with clients and plan projects, but in the rest of my life it's kind of a curse.  My mind is always focused on something five steps ahead of what's happening now, which leads to my current obsession with building a house.

You see, my husband and I live in a house he bought in 2008 and it's a great starter house.  I'm making it presentable, but it won't be a long term home because the local schools aren't great and we will want more space when there are little people in our family (god willing, one day).  So, if you're a crazy planner like me, the thought process goes like this:

If we have a baby in 2013-2014, we will probably want to move around 2015-2016.  Where should we move?  Do we even want to stay in Dallas where we have no family?  But I hate Houston weather and Bryan, TX would make me cry from boredom.  Plus, I hate most houses.  New neighborhoods these days are so ugly.  Oh god, we're going to have to build a house because I'm so picky.  If we build a house, we should start thinking about what we want so we can figure out how much it will cost and how much money we'll have to save.  What if we need to switch jobs and move to a new city first?  Should we start thinking about that now? Oh this will be expensive... deep breaths.

In an effort to channel my thoughts productively, I've started a Pinterest board with some of my most favorite house-related pins so we can figure out exactly how much this dream will cost.  One thing that's very clear is that I'm 100% sold on a Craftsman style exterior.  Nothing else will do.

Source: via Haley on Pinterest

Source: via Haley on Pinterest

Source: via Haley on Pinterest

Source: via Haley on Pinterest

Gorgeous, right?!  All my stuff will look so good in one of these... one day in 2016 if all goes according to plan ;-)


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