Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chic Shower Guest Outfits

I don't think I'm alone when I say that wedding and baby showers can be really hard to dress for. 

It's usually daytime, but not super casual.  You don't want to wear jeans, but a church-ish dress might be too much.  You'll probably be photographed with the bride/mom, but you don't want to overdress or show too much skin.  It's also not an occasion worthy of shopping for new outfits unless you're the one being honored. 

After being a guest at many, many showers and preparing to host one next month - I think I've finally got it down.  Here are my foolproof combinations:

Maxi Dress + Cute Belt = I may be tall and have a waist!
Pick a dress with adequate coverage up top so you don't flash any boob, and a jersey fabric that it's appropriate for daytime (and so comfy!).  You'll wear this same outfit to dinner or brunch, and into the fall with a cardigan on top.

Printed Dress + Flat Sandals = I didn't try very hard, but I'm still stylish.
Screw people who say you shouldn't repeat outfits.  You find yourself a printed dress or tunic that you love, and wear the crap out of it.  It's better to be seen in the same few flattering ensembles than lots of cheap ones that don't do much for you.  You'll be comfortable, and can dress up or down with jewelry.

Full Skirt + Colorful Tank = I'm a lady, and not overdressed.
This sort of outfit is a prime combination for high/low styling.  Find a great skirt that makes you happy, and pair it with simple tees and tanks or ladylike blouses depending on the event.  You can also work in a cardigan and cute belts.  Oh, the possibilities!

Maxi Skirt + Simple Tank = Look how lean (and chic) I am, y'all.
While this combination is hard to wear if you're short waisted or large chested like me, it looks great on many other body types, especially pear and lanky shapes.  The simple tank keeps things casual and lets the skirt be the star.  You can work in belts here, or some statement jewelry or earrings.

Do you have any go-to shower ensembles?  Let us know! 


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