Friday, December 6, 2013

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday, internet!  I hope your city is warmer than mine today, as Dallas is collectively freaking out over the ice falling from our sky and keeping us at home.  I apologize (again) for the silence this week, but I've been incredibly worried about my sick dachshund, Charlie, and I keep watching him to make sure he is still breathing.  It makes blogging seem silly, but I need a distraction.

Now, on a lighter note, here are five things worth sharing on the internet:

1. Last night I watched the NBC remake of The Sound of Music and it was not my favorite.  At all.  But, it made me even more sad to think about all the kids now who won't grow up watching that movie because they'll be too absorbed in their iPads and lack the attention span.  Hopefully Baby Cardigan will be an exception!

Did you grow up singing with the Von Trapps like me?

image lifted from

2. We've made a little progress in Baby Cardigan's room lately, and I was really excited to discover that you can buy washi tape and colored masking tape from regular office supply stores.  My plan is to run a line of metallic gold, jade green, or cobalt blue underneath the white crown molding and around the doorway to add a little pop of color since the walls are remaining gray.  Kinda like this, but not:

3. This thing looks badass and I want it for myself.  I'll make some sweet driveway designs, then enjoy a fruit roll-up and some Kool Aid.

4. My mean husband is making his pregnant wife go to a wedding on December 28th when I'll be almost 30 weeks along.  I do not have anything to wear, and the thought of buying something that I'll wear once makes me sad.  I think Rent the Runway is also expensive for a cocktail dress ($75 for one night? I can pay that much to own something I can resell) so I'm on the hunt for a basic black number I can start wearing now and then load up with jewelry next month.  This one might work:


5. I really love this Ikea hack by Amanda Evans of Twenty One Two Designs, which involves a basic shelf and a can of gold spray paint.  Don't they look luxe? 

Have a good weekend - stay warm!


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