Friday, December 13, 2013

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday, internet!  Today's post is a quick one, but I hope you're all enjoying the holidays and better weather than we got in Dallas this week.  Four days in my house with a husband and two dogs was too many days.  However, my little buddy made a (literally) miraculous recovery much to the amazement of his vet.  We're very blessed, indeed!  Thanks to everyone for their well wishes, and sweet comments about Baby D's nursery deisgn!

Now, here are five things worth sharing on the internet:

1. I am loving the design of Rebecca Minkhoff's NYC apartment, and can't believe her dining set was $50 at an estate sale!  I'd fight through a crowd to pay $500!

2. This free printable from I Rock So What is so cute and necessary for all guest rooms, including mine.

3. I will be making my usual Snickerdoodle bread loaves over the weekend, but now I'm temped to give these Knock You Naked brownies (via The Pioneer Woman) a shot!  They involve those little square caramels that you get in the bulk candy bin at the grocery store.  Mmmmmm....

4. This week I went to J. Crew Factory and it was magical.  The whole store was 50% off (and still is, online too!), plus an extra 15% off your in-store purchase.  I did some serious Christmas shopping and bought two pairs of flats, an invitation clutch, and two tops for $95.  Seriously.  I got these studded flats for myself for $21 because I'm having a baby and I have a stressful job and reasons.

5. The month of December is so important for shelter pets because many families are adding new additions while kids are out of school, and studies show that they are three times more likely to adopt if they speak to someone who has done so.  Although, we're not chatting in person, please consider this a conversation about how important it is to avoid buying dogs from backyard breeders and pet stores, especially when literally thousands of wonderful pups (and cats too!) are in need of forever homes.  My rescued pit mix, Maggie, is one of the best dogs my husband and I have ever had, and it sickens me to think of others like her being put down in city shelters because it's popular to pay hundreds for mixed breeds that will supposedly look like puppies forever (psssst... they won't) or a purebred puppy (which you can also find at shelters and through rescue groups!)

So, if you've got room in your home for one more soul, please adopt and don't shop.  He or she will love you just as much, if not more, than any other dog because you saved a life.  Now look at this Buzzfeed article that made my cry a little (it's happy!)

Happy weekend!


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